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[Kevin Rau] È Metamorphosis (H.E.R.O., #1) [campus PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Although Raised By Single Metahuman Parents, Stephanie, Rael, And Lance Weren T Prepared For The Sudden And Shocking Event That Thrust Them Into A Night Of Upheaval As They Cope With Their Metamorphosis Into Superhumans The Meteor Shower That Altered The Heroes Also Mutated Many Others In Metrocity, Causing A Scene Of Chaos At Iron Cross General Hospital As Lance And Stephanie Are Captured By Law Enforcement, And Rael Must Free ThemThe Friends Join The Homeland Extraordinary Response Organization HERO , And Seek To Stop A Mutant Named Shrinker As She Gathers New Supers To Build An Army Of Bloodthirsty Mutants In Her Plan To Cause Anarchy Her Evil Squad Kidnaps Normal Humans To Feed Those Mutants, And It Becomes A Race Against Time To Find The Anarchists Before They Murder The PeopleWhile Searching For The Villain S Base Of Operations, The Group Must Learn Their Powers And Overcome The Problems Associated With Telepathy, A Strong Blood Thirst, And Strength Capable Of Crushing Steel Under One S Fingers They Also Begin To Take Part As Heroes In The City, And Discover That Having Powers Is Not As Easy As It Appears In Heroic Actions Or In Normal LifeHERO Metamorphosis Is The First Novel In A Growing Series Of Action Based Superhero Novels Based On The Metrocity Division Of HERO It Acts As The Introductory Novel To The Supers And How Three Of The Main Characters Fight Crime And Deal With Disasters In The City The Novel Leads The Way Into The HERO Series As A Growing Roster Of HERO Agents Take Part In Various Events And DisastersHERO Metamorphosis Is A Full Length Novel Of Approximately , Words An Preview Is Included Of The First Five Chapters Of HERO New Markets As A BonusThe Ongoing Series Currently Consists Of These Novels As Of Early HERO MetamorphosisHERO New MarketsHERO Rise And FallHERO Dark ResearchHERO HordeHERO ParagonHERO Illustrated Guide Behind The Scenes Book W Pictures Of Characters, Doesn T Fit Into A Specific Order In The Series HERO Shorts GatecrasherHERO Shorts SilverlashHERO Gene Front Coming Soon I M Half Way Through The Last Book, Horde The Characters Have Become Like Friends And I Don T Want To Leave Them Thank You, Kevin, For Writing This Series I Felt Like A Kid Again Reading It The Series Can Be Summed Up In One Word, FUN Dale R Bille I Just Couldn T Stop Flipping The Pages Of HEROThis Book Is Smoothly Written It Flows Well, And Although The Story Isn T Groundbreaking, It Has Its Own Brand Of Charm It Has All The Cool Super Hero Stuff You Want, And The Main Super Heroes Are Very Well Fleshed Out Their Internal Dialogues And Character Development Are Really What Gives This Book A Super Leg Up On Other Similar Novels Gregory Ciallella This Was Fun To Read, And If You Re A Twenty Something Then You Ll Enjoy The Characters And Their Relationships Action Like X Men, Romance Like Twilight, Bloodier Than Both But Nothing Too Serious Geeky Guy Greatest Superhero Book Series Ever Taylor Robbins Although this isn t explicitly an RPG related book, it reads like someone s Superhero game log cleaned up and turned into a novel It s fast, readable, and had a really noticeable amount of space given over to what feels very much like game mechanics.
It also feels very much like a comic book All the good guys super or not are very attractive, and almost certainly white The author tried very hard NOT to make the world sexist there are women with super strength mentioned, but not seen , women doctors, and women police officers.
Unfortunately, the main female character, though clearly written with a lot of affection, is a terrible construction and she s in a scientific field Admittedly she s intelligent, and in a scientific field, but still she fails both on a personal and plot line level Even before her powers manifested, her interests were flirting and shopping Her powers not only make her a fragile flower in constant need of rescue, they also compel her to be sexually available and inescapably desirable to everyone around her Remarkably, the book is kept to a PG rating, but stillNot utterly hateful, but but not a winner either.
Stephanie Quinn, Lance Casey and Rael Stromm have been friends for years They spent a lot of time together, so when Stephanie s Dad insisted the boys accompany Steph to the mall it didn t seem THAT strange The boys loved being with Stephanie and the fact that she was hot just made it fun What they didn t know was that Steph s Dad knew there would be a meteor shower that day and it would change their lives forever Supers were common in Metrocity Stephanie, Lance and Rael s parents were supers When the meteor shower hit, it changed these young people into supers They were each thrilled to be new supers and couldn t wait to join the H.
O program All three worked out and ate healthy but now they had super powers to contend with This is their journey into the new them Kevin Rau does a beautiful job of laying the groundwork for future books about these three and other supers It is interesting to learn how supers are made and how they deal with their new changes I never knew being a super could be so profitable too smile This book shows the good and the bad of being a super The characters leap off the page I can see movies and comic books about these characters The most wonderful thing of all is, they are positive They aren t just beating the bad guys the supers, at least these three, really want to help You ll enjoy this book even if you are a fan of supers already I found the story delightfully well written and filled with some surprises You can t go wrong here This series will be addictive, in a good way I found one issue sigh the killing of a Mustang I don t condone senseless violence toward Mustangs and I can completely see how it was an accident, but still, held a moment of silence for the Mustang that gave it s life wink I gave this one a resounding 5 out of 5 books because I think we need positive characters.
This is not a book I would normally read, but I really enjoyed it The author could have used a good proof read, but the errors were minimal.
I wasn t sure I d like the constant switching of points of view, but it gave great depth to the story that otherwise wouldn t have been there That being said, I think it could ve been written entirely in third person and not lost anything.
Very fun book, reads very much like a comic book.
OH YEAH Hero s on the rise I was captured in the first chapter and hung on for the ride It was very interesting from the different views Great read for hero fanatics who went the whole transition Fan for life I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review This is a humorous read based off of the comic book genre of superheroes The story is centered around three friends who are transformed into meta humans by a meteor shower Once they are changed, they are recruited into the H.
O organization to fight against crime and evil mutants and also get paid Despite being superheroes they tend to get into some very interesting situations It s a good read, even if you don t like comic books Very enjoyable story and characters Fun to read and to relax with I have read the entire series several times Wish would come out.
I actually stopped reading this book I just didn t care to finish it, and I almost always finish every book I read.
Intrascendencias meta humanas postadolescentes G nero Ciencia Ficci n.
Lo que nos cuenta Los veintea eros Stephanie, Lance y Rael, los tres con un progenitor superhumano pero sin poderes ellos mismos, se van a comprar ropa y almorzar a un centro comercial de Metrocity mientras vuelve a caer una lluvia de meteoros sobre la ciudad Los expertos suponen que los restos del asteroide que en los a os ochenta tuvo que ser destruido mediante armas nucleares volver n a causar otro estallido de mutaciones espont neas y efectivamente los tres amigos y bastantes otras personas empiezan a cambiar Primer libro de la serie H.
O Quiere saber m s del libro, sin spoilers Visite H.
O Metamorphosis by Kevin Rau starts off in a world full of superheroes and super villains All Stephanie, Rael, and Lance want is to change and gain some special abilities They ve trained and prepared their entire lives to be infected by that strange virus that occasionally rains down in a meteor shower from debris orbiting the planet But when that finally happens, their world changes than they realized it would New abilities bring new temptations and new fears, new struggles and new enemies They have been handed the power to affect history will it destroy them instead This is an exploratory story of self discovery and world building The author obviously had a good time generating the details of the three protagonists new lives, abilities, and costumes They are examined in depth, and it s a fascinating journey Although their aren t many surprises, the book is enjoyable and engaging The writing is a bit choppy, but the annoyance wears off as you get drawn into the action The author does take full advantage of the super hero hotness idea his characters are disgustingly good looking Whoever is narrating at the moment viewpoint switches mostly between the three main characters has their senses turned all the way up to nymphomaniac, and spends considerable amounts of time remarking on the prettiness of themselves or the others If you don t know what nymphomaniac means, please don t Google it Go find a dictionary like a sane person While the characters show some restraint and don t go into full out orgy mode, the descriptions are uncomfortably specific in places It s a fun superhero read, but as a result of the rampant sensuality and self congratulatory prettiness, I rate this for Adults on the Aardvark scale There is also the expected comic book level violence and death I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it As an aside For a mature superhero story, with realistic characters, I highly recommend Playing For Keeps by Mur Lafferty For adults, also, because of some adult situations and alcohol usage I ll do a real review on that one sometime soon Playing For Keeps is also available as a free audio book from Podiobooks.
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