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✓ Read í H.E.R.O. - Dark Research by Kevin Rau ☆ The HERO Series Continues With Its Fourth Novel Aliens Come To The Sol System To Research The Umbra Or Dark Energy Behind The Powers Of Supers Both On Earth And Elsewhere Finding Earth Unexpectedly Populated, And After Being Attacked By Another Alien Vessel, Their Starship Is Forced To Land Near Metrocity The Scientists Decide To Investigate Some Of The Superhuman Activity In The City While Repairs Are Made Upon Their StarshipSeparately, Researcher Cam Huntsbury Leads A Team In Ongoing Research On The Meteorite Involved In The Mutation Of Humans Into Supers An Experiment Goes Awry, Ending In A Disaster For The Research Firm FargeneA Large Number Of Supers In Metrocity Become Involved As The Events Occur, Including Spartan, Psystar, Black Tiger, Diva, Gatecrasher, Razorwing And Rayna, Among OthersHERO Dark Research Is A Full Length Novel Of Approximately , Words