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✓ Worm ✓ Download by ✓ Wildbow I d like to think that someday in the future, Worm will be considered a classic of fiction Unfortunately it s not in printed form, and admittedly a few chapters aren t polished but I mean, the guy was doing a NaNoWriMo every month for like 2 years So I fear many won t consider it a real, proper book But it s the best fiction I ve ever read Dark, intelligent and serious on a grand scale It s not something you read on the Internet and forget Not a story with some theme that you can t relate to, but were told by someone that it s a classic and hence should affect you No, the scale of Worm, upon which Wildbow tells the story, is so vast in quality, in quantity that any reader would be able to relate to it emotionally and intellectually It is a story that touches upon all corners of our collective existence.
You know that feeling you get after watching a really good, serious movie that s also rather long The feeling when it fades to black and the credits roll For Worm, that catharsis lasts days And just thinking about it instantly gives me that high.
Good luck to you, Wildbow I really hope you get the proper praise you deserve one day.
But then again, good writing needs no luck.
An endeavor like that merits a proper review I ll do it once finals are over with.
I would highly suggest all of you read this series It ll take a good amount of productivity away from you because it s 1,500,000 words long, but it s definitely worth it Alright What to say.
Worm is an adult novel told in installments on the Worm webserial page It s the story of young adult Taylor Hebert s coming of age, set in a seemingly post apocalyptic world hurtling towards a second doom, is wrapped up in a superhero story that takes the standard cliches, exsanguinates them, uses the blood to water its crops, and then spits on their graves, which is then wrapped up in a staggeringly vast cast of complex characters with their own shimmering mosaic of motivations, storylines, and personalities.
In Taylor s world, there are parahumans as the website might suggest who live alongside regular humans They appear with varying frequency, and the powers seem to be genetic There s a group of good guys and other villains, though 1 the lines between the two are totally inconsequential because of what Worm does to make you question morality everywhere, and 2 80% of the parahumans are villains Anyway Worm is 1mil words divvied up into various arcs which are then further divvied up into various chapters I think one of the most masterful aspects of Wildbow s writing is that pacing In 1,500,000 words, there is not a single dry moment.
In both the interludes and the regular storyline Seriously There s a really nice crescendo effect as things slowly worsen for everyone, antagonists are introduced on both sides, etc, and there are nice lapses of tension without there being a sort of monster of the week dynamic that Taylor faces.
Oh, and Taylor is not one of the good guys.
The characters were written really well, and there s a really diverse cast that Wildbow works with It s like watching a chessboard from high up, except there are 5 different colors of chesspieces and they start at various intervals along the board Bloodbath Each of the chesspieces has their own backstory and unique quirks that make them really fun to read about, and with the scale of the writing, there s a lot of room that Wildbow has to carve everyone out.
An Introverted Teenage Girl With An Unconventional Superpower, Taylor Goes Out In Costume To Find Escape From A Deeply Unhappy And Frustrated Civilian Life Her First Attempt At Taking Down A Supervillain Sees Her Mistaken For One, Thrusting Her Into The Midst Of The Local Cape Scene S Politics, Unwritten Rules, And Ambiguous Morals As She Risks Life And Limb, Taylor Faces The Dilemma Of Having To Do The Wrong Things For The Right ReasonsThe Story, Titled Worm, Takes The Form Of A Web Serial, Posted In Bite Sized Reads In Much The Same Way That Authors Such As Mark Twain Would Release Their Works One Chapter At A Time In The Days Before Full Fledged Novels Worm Started In June , Updating Twice A Week, And Finished In Late November, It Totals Roughly ,, Words Roughly Typical Novels In Length Or Very Thick Novels What a crazy, crazy adventure This is one of the most epic books I ve ever read and I mean epic in the literal sense of the word, not the buzzword it s become I want Worm 2 right now This book had a kind of scale I haven t really seen in any other kind of book There were certain chapters certain arcs where I went Oh, shit, this is one of the most intense things I ve ever read It s such an intense story Full of emotional parts It s on par with A Song of Ice and Fire, with the Stormlight Archive, etc I m not really sure I can put into words how amazing Worm was for me Worm is a kind of grand epic that you either drop after a few chapters or it becomes a part of your daily life When it ended, it felt like I lost something very important I m not a big fan of superhero stories No, wait, let me rephrase that I absolutely hate superhero stories Especially superhero movies They feel so generic to me, the good guy always wins, the superpowers aren t really that creative at all The only superhero movies I ve liked are the Batman movies by Nolan Apart from that, if anything even remotely contains superheroes I m instantly turned off.
Worm is all about superheroes But unlike other superhero stories, it feels extremely creative A good example is the main character The basic idea of her power is that she can control bugs That s it At the start, I thought her superpower was sort of crap But by the end, without her power really changing at all except for her mastering it she was legitimately powerful and terrifying After Worm, I just groan even when I see other Superhero comics and movies with their boring use of powers Worm completely avoids everything I hate about superhero literature The actual function of powers is explored kind of a Sanderson esque hard magic system that has actual rules and works consistently The powers are properly explained, there s an internal logic, intelligent usage I wouldn t say it s consistently good There are some parts which felt off to me, including a timeskip which I thought was very poorly done, but it s still far consistent than most books I ve read Worm is the same length as A Song of Ice and Fire but that entire time is packed with action and character development and a Brandon Sanderson like inability to put the book down It might be too soon for me to say this since I m still reeling after having finished it only about an hour ago, but I think I can safely call Worm one of my favorite books of all time, mainly because it just feels so real One of WIldbow s greatest strengths is that you can really get into the head of each of the characters The Interludes were some of my favorite parts of the entire story Malazan has its good and bad parts, ASOIAF has its dull streaks, Wheel of Time has the famous issues with pacing, particularly around books 7 10, I could go on My point being, Worm somehow manages to draw you in the entire time God, this was such an amazing experience Such an amazing journey.
If it wasn t so good, I d have probably kicked the person that recommended it to me.
I don t know how this was possible, and how hard was it to write, but this is a million word book that doesn t slow down There s almost no rest, it s hard to put down, and you can t just do what is usually done with most such books to just skip one night of sleep and finish it because it s huge, and interesting, and still huge, and you want finish this chapter, then the next, and the next, and it s morning againIn itself, the story is interesting, and even doesn t require too much suspension of disbelief, even though a lot of it goes against most of the physics we know It definitely deserves a reading, even though it s huge it s close to half the Malazan book of the dead.
So tough to rate The inventiveness and insight are top drawer, 5 star level The ability to track hundreds of characters and plot threads was super human.
It was inspirational too The protagonist just kept transcending her own limits, again and again, to a galactic level, plausibly, just by thinking outside and above the box I LIKE that That s exactly the kind of thing I want to read.
It is my first web serial, and I very much enjoyed seeing the process, as readers enthusiastically commented and suggested and even proof read the project But.
As you would expect with a serial, there were false starts, and story lines that didn t take The author imposed super human demands on his her own productivity And met them But at the cost of typos, using wrong words, bad grammar, continuity errors, etc Rated as a novel, he s got to lose points.
And it was just unforgivably long Somebody said it was the equivalent of 21 novels It went well past the point where I even cared about keeping track of the side characters I didn t even necessarily take the time to understand the main plot line It was just too, damned, long.
You know how when your watching a great action adventure movie, you kinda want to get up during or right after the fight scenes and do some karate moves That s Worm, but for books.
At about 1.
75 million words about 22 conventional books it s a long, long read but there isn t a single dry moment The first two or so arcs are just okay with our wannabe hero Taylor Herbert finding herself amongst the company of villains instead but the story steamrolls through a fantastically rich world of blurred divisions between heroes who aren t heroic, villains who aren t villainous, gods who are ungodly and creatures beyond comprehension.
The cast is diverse and intelligent They try to build on any advantage they can find, even the smallest one, and extrapolate Of course doesn t help that the antagonists do the same and the conflicts keep escalating in every which way Soon it stops being a battle between good and evil and becomes between sanity and insanity Most of the parahumans are under 30 with a bulk being teenagers it s not because of target audience, but it s just accepted as a constant that people WILL die before they get that old But alas, there are things worse than death Much, much worse.
As someone else put it, it s a world where anything is possible but not in a nice way.
With that being said, I loved it I love gray areas and Worm is just full of it, with politics, factions, rivalries, information warfare, and the individual problems of the people beneath the costumes TVTropes Sometimes you are reading towards the end of an arc and you think finally we get a break but then within a paragraph or two everything is changed and you are sucked in again at the deeper, darker, world of Worm.
I believe the author wants to edit and consolidate Worm and publish it It s something to look out for this series will make an excellent animated series.

Where do I begin.
This is my all time favourite novel if you can call it a novel The characters are so well constructed that my brain finds the concept of them not being real people weirder than the notion of them becoming real Worm is what all other superhero fictions should aspire to be, and other genres could learn a lot, too It s rife with moral ambiguity and difficult decisions The characters are very three dimensional, and the protagonist, a young girl named Taylor, is one of my all time favourite characters She uses a mediocre superpower with an anything but mediocre level of cleverness to, as the popular tag line says, do the wrong things for the right reasons She s active and internally driven, which makes for a very exciting story Occasionally, chapters will be from other PoVs, and by and large these are great too.
Other strengths Countless strong, fleshed out female characters Other social issues are also handled well The proportion of gay, asexual, bisexual, etc characters also matches that of the real world This also goes for race and mental disability less so for physical disability, but this is explained in canon He manages to strike the right balance between no big deal at all and character is defined by overcoming adversary , similar to how one dwarf said that George R R Martin wrote Tyrion Lannister Nobody is invincible, except those with invincibility powers During one of the arcs, a battle occurs, and the author supposedly rolled dice to determine who survived The fight scenes are great The powers he comes up with are unique and creative The way characters use their own powers even so You ll never be able to watch The Incredibles again without facepalming at how little Frozone exploited his power, for example It s dark, but not too dark The explanation for where powers come from is the most plausible one I ve ever encountered If the author had a power, it would be avoiding plot holes Wildbow is excellent at not writing himself into corners, and in writing himself out of corners Anything that seems like a plothole at first, like those Why didn t they just questions, gets addressed There is always a reason they Didn t just do something Amazing world building This skill is also seen in Wildbow s second web serial, Pact I am not a very emotional man, but this story has some bits that really moved me.
Weaknesses There s a time skip 2 3 of the way through This is confirmed to be something that gets fleshed out when Worm gets edited, but until then it s a bit frustrating It can be a bit slow to start Some people only start loving it around arc 8 At times you can see the support beams of story structure Occasionally antagonists emerge and you know they ll be around a while because it s obvious that a lot of plot is being set up Not for the weak stomached Some seriously fucked up things happen in this Worse than Game of Thrones level fucked up.
Worm Table of Contents official summary TvTropes Reddit post interview is addictive superhero SF posing as fantasy it is long, of consistently high quality, and features a huge amount of imaginative powers with equally imaginative applications combos the protagonist usage of bugs, as impressive as it is, is only one of many possible examples, although I particularly like the Regent Shadow Stalker incident as an example of social engineering hacking the setting excellently rationalizes the standard superheroes vs supervillains setup which as often observed, makes little sense prima facie The series opens in the smallest possible setting, the geeky introverted protagonist Taylor being bullied in school, steps logically towards a life of crime as a supervillain while trying to do the right thing and being manipulated by multiple parties, some prescient and slowly expands to multiversal scope with an appropriately epic bittersweet ending Reminds me of Watchmen Or to borrow from the official summary An introverted teenage girl with an unconventional superpower, Taylor goes out in costume to find escape from a deeply unhappy and frustrated civilian life Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the midst of the local cape scene s politics, unwritten rules, and ambiguous morals As she risks life and limb, Taylor faces the dilemma of having to do the wrong things for the right reasonsReaders should be cautioned that Worm is fairly dark as fiction goes, and it gets far darker as the story progresses Morality isn t black and white, Taylor and her acquaintances aren t invincible, the heroes aren t winning the war between right and wrong, and superpowers haven t necessarily affected society for the better Just the opposite on every count, really Even on a fundamental level, Taylor s day to day life is unhappy, with her clinging to the end of her rope from the story s outset The denizens of the Wormverse as readers have termed it don t pull punches, and I try to avoid doing so myself, as a writer There s graphic language, descriptions of violence and sex does happen albeit offscreen.
I recommend reading single arcs at a time calling the whole thing Worm is a bit of a misnomer, it d make much sense to group a few arcs and call them individual novels in the Worm Saga or something Length wise, it s upwards of a million words, and according to my arbtt logs using the rule current window title Worm Iceweasel tag Worm , took me 37 hours 42 minutes over 5 days to read.
The work is not perfect The opening is perhaps too slow the first fight with Lung, which hooked me, took a while to happen as it only really starts in ch4 In the middle, I suspect there was perhaps too much material devoted to the Slaughterhouse Nine arc and not enough to later plot arcs like Taylor joining the heroes or dealing with later Endbringers Further, there s so many characters that a binge read is a good idea, but during a binge, the fights can blur together and become exhausting, suggesting Worm may spend too much time on that Some good parts, like characters having reasons to be bad, are taken to an extreme where it seems like every character, no matter how mundane, must have a backstory explaining how their environment society made them evil even for characters like Emma where such a cause is unnecessary But the flaws are relatively small and hopefully will be addressed in the editing process I look forward to reading Wildbow s Pact when it finished, and I think I ll check out some of the fanfics like Cenotaph.
I read Worm after it was finished and I continued to see positive reviews of it, such as Eliezer Yudkowsky I commend to youthe just completed story Worm, which is roughly 1.
75 million words in 30 volumes The characters in Worm use their powers so intelligently I didn t even notice until something like the 10th volume that the alleged geniuses were behaving like actual geniuses and that the flying bricks who would be the primary protagonists and villains of lesser tales were properly playing second fiddle to characters with cognitive, informational, or probability based powersDoing this so smoothly that I don t even notice because my brain considers the resulting world to be normal really ought to deserve some kind of epic bonus points.
There are stories which are better than Worm, and stories which were written faster than Worm, but I don t know of any epic which was ever written faster and better than Worm.
Other reviews include Joshua Blaine a self consistent and expansive Super hero universe, and with a ton of unique and powerful abilities, I ve really been enjoying it The story is Worm, and It s easily one of my favorite web stories in awhile, and very dark especially as the story progresses further.
iDante I ve been reading this awesome web serial called Worm Highly recommend if you want some action and suspense There s a bit of rationality business in there as well, but it s spaced out and the story is long I see it s been recommended previously on here as well.
Vaniver Caveat Worm is really dark The characters are clever, the protagonist makes the most out of a superpower that seems mediocre at first glance, and there are enough twists and turns that I would look at the clock and realize that I d been reading for six hours Worm is really long, so if you re the sort of person who has to keep reading fiction be warned that it will eat a week or two But, despite those positives, terrible things happen to everyone always I found it similar to Game of Thrones in that it was engaging but depressing, and unlike GoT where new characters are introduced, dance about, and then die, in Worm there s a clear protagonist who, as far as I can tell, always wins eventually I also found the superhero fight sequences less engaging as time went on but they can be skimmed with little loss.
and Ritalin Indeed Although, frankly, what I ve seen of Worm so far seems to designate it as very similar to my idea of Hell every accomplishment is either made moot or cost something irreplaceable and possibly of superior value, every victory is short lived, every mistake is paid for dearly Every situation is desperate, every problem urgent By the time a conflict reaches its resolution, another is at its peak, and two are right around the corner Perhaps it s even worse hardship, instead of building character, corrupts it For the characters, it must be like a nightmare they can t wake up from.
Finally I can finally sleep That s the trouble when you re reading a book this engrossing that insists on ending almost every chapter with a cliffhanger.
I originally wrote a quite short review, but at 1.
7 million words I think Worm deserves a bit effort on my behalf Review contains spoilers for the first 4 chapters of the 300 or so chapter story.
Worm follows the story of Taylor, a teenage girl who has recently lost her mother and is suddenly finding herself bullied in school Stick with me here.
Taylor knows that she could easily torment the bullies back because she is one of the minority who have developed super powers over the last few decades Taylor s power is to control bugs, not the most heroic or effective of abilities right Despite this all she keeps a small notepad meticulously planning the day when she can become a true hero like her idol, the great Alexandria Founding member of the Protectorate, able to stand up to the fearsome Endbringers and all around beacon of hope Action figure available from all good retailers.
After a particuarly bad day at school she realises that she has been planning her debut for far too long Armed with a bottle of pepper spray, a costume painstakingly woven out of spider silk and a handful of cockroaches she sets out to patrol Brockton Bay s Docks area and face its nests of murderous, super villain led gangs.
Needless to say this doesn t go well After being taken in by some friendly faces who mistake her for another villain she starts to realise that maybe the heroes aren t so heroic, not all villains are evil and perhaps everyone has their own motives.
The action escalates continually but smartly I ve read books where the main character just gets things piled on and piled on until their enemies are practically fighting themselves Worm simply raises the scale and stakes after each battle Every victory has a downside, every loss has a silver lining Several times throughout I found myself wondering how Taylor and the Undersiders had the slightest chance of prevailing The powers are amongst the most imaginative I ve seen and the point is made that a cunning and practiced person can do with a weak power than a person coasting along on what they ve been given With a power like bug manipulation you wouldn t expect Taylor to be a particularly effective superpowered cape and yet this is definitely her story rather than the story of her watching other capes duke it out.
Extra background is given throughout with interlude chapters which are narrated from a different character s perception They can be about an event we ve just read about from a different angle, something Taylor didn t get to see or even the origin stories and early days of other capes finding their powers I would definitely recommend this book to anyone with enough time, you re not going to be able stop reading half way through I would however also warn readers to think if they really want to see the eventual aftermath It s hard to improve on the ending and the final interlude feels to me like an idea that happened half way through the story and had to be crammed in somewhere.
Oh, and the name Taylor picks I keep groaning at that pun.