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[Marion G. Harmon] é Villains Inc. (Wearing the Cape, #2) [heritage-preservation PDF] Read Online Ô Villains Inc picks up a few months after Wearing the Cape ends Astra is in a bad way becoming a source of tabloid headlines over a few missteps she has made between books None of these are particularly bad things from the reader s perspective but it s easy to imagine the tabloids twisting facts to sell some papers Add to that that Astra is still dealing with having lost Atlas, the love of her life, to the Ring attack at Whittier Base.
Then Godzilla strikes or at least a Godzilla and we are immediately reminded why Harmon is so good with his superhero worldbuilding A green terrorist is trying to save the environment by planting Godzilla eggs in major water sources near big cities New York and Tokyo have already been hit, now it s Chicago s turn and boy is it exciting even though it s just a teaser to introduce the new book.
The real plot revolves around a mysterious shape changing thief and the super villains trying to kill him or her The Sentinels discover that Villains Inc a supervillain enforcer group has been resurrected by the Chicago mob and now the mob is in a civil war as members of Villains Inc try to take over Chicago s Sentinels are trapped in the middle and the population is furious that they can t stop the villains from fighting There is plenty of excellent action and a couple of great new supers added to the mix and once again Astra is forced to grow This is an excellent story all around I listened to the book in audio this time and was disappointed by the change in narrators Perhaps I would feel differently if Caitlin Kelly had read both of the books, but K F Lim s reading of Wearing the Cape was a hard act to follow that I was halfway through Villiain s Inc before I started to warm to Kellyl s characterizations It s not that she s not a competent reader, but it s almost always a bad decision to switch narrators midstream Lim had brought these characters to life for us and now we had to get acquainted with them all over again It was as if we had slipped over into a parallel universe and as a result all the characters were just slightly off from what we were expecting If you liked this review, you can find at www.
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The second Wearing the Cape book, in which life goes on For instance, in the opening scene, when Hope is trying to hang out with her friends, a godzilla comes out of Lake Michigan to attack the pier Spoilers ahead for the earlier book She talks with Shelly about it Turns out that godzillas are turning up early before they would have in the timeline before the Teatime Anarchist changed things, the last timeline that he was able to give them And then Astra gets called in to check out first a bank robbery by a shapeshifter and then the murder of a person connected with it A rather nasty murder And Shelly tells Hope that in the previous timeline, this murder had been committed at a different time, to be followed shortly by the murder of their teammate Blackstone, in the same unpleasantly distinctive manner, which was never solved She told him, of course, and his reaction did not lead her to think he would avoid the investigation that led to it Jacky reacts rather strongly to the news, and Hope is onto the task of trying to solve a murder before it happens when their own team detective can t Among the other things.
The team got shaken up, obviously, after last book, and it s a bit underplayed I m not surprised that Riptide s on the team, but I would have expected a bit of story about it after all, Veritas is there to check him out Seven is a surprise And Lei Zi needed intro Even if Hope was grieving too much to pay much attention, a little would have helped.
But except for that, we have the life of a superhero carrying on It involves Shelly and Hope deciding they can change the future, too Hope s attempting to use the carrot and the stick on someone who could help, and ending up getting it because villains attacked him the mob s having recruited the title Villains Inc and their unofficial deal with superheroes a robotic dragon Hope s having dreams of a fox anti superhero agitation, and a lot.
Very rarely does a sequel live up to the original, but I think the author has done one heck of a job with this one I struggle to put into words just what I like do much about this series I think the author does a good job of at least some of it in the afterword he included in this book Superhero mythos, superhero archetypesthey re near and dear to many of us So many of us grew up with them and the very real stories of human struggles that the stories told us They strike some deep chord with those of us who enjoy such things, and he not only understands that, but I get the idea he feels it himself This, to me, is the next step from the comics Oh, it doesn t replace them, but the medium of a story lets the characters have a bit depth It allows things to be come fuller, richer, while at the same time not losing anything that made superheros what we loved, growing up These stories, these booksthey re about people People who happen to have superhuman powers, but what makes them so dang good is the people Their struggles, their tragedies, their triumphs I, at least, really feel for those in these books The characters are real, believable, and even the bad guys aren t necessarily all bad.
I find Astra really intriguing as a main character Watching her grow and change, adapt to what s happening around her, that is the best part of this book Of course, the fight scenes aren t bad either The author has a gift for writing highly entertaining combat scenes I m eagerly awaiting the next book in the series Each book opens up possibilities for the author to explore, and I don t see any risk in things becoming dull anytime soon There are lots of stories left to be told in this world and I hope he keeps writing so I can keep reading them.

Better than the first one, I think Very much an action oriented book I could see this being turned into a film, mainly because the action is only rarely allowed to stop For that reason, I think the book lacks a little character development, but it works pretty well, the characters remain likeable, and Astra has a new costume which is a little adult even if it does make me feel like a dirty old man for even imagining it.
The book could really do with a proofreader That s normally a BIG red flag for me and I m not so bothered, so maybe the book deserves an extra star I can t quite bring myself to give it, but I did enjoy this one.
Seriously disappointed As a sequel I was expecting further character development and a chance to really know the world that has been built here What I found was just an extension from the original with nothing too new on Astra There s another threat where numerous super powers are thrown together in action scenes almost every chapter And in the middle of all this is appearances from a team of villains that we really don t learn much about With little familiarity and interest built upon the villains there really isn t much of a reason to call this Villians Inc.
Upbeat superhero fiction worth reading.
Astra is back for her second novel and things start right off with a monster fight against godzilla no less and then a superpowered robbery and murder Things start of interesting and continue right along that path New characters are introduced and existing characters are given room to grow and shine in this novel.
In all the novel contains plenty of action an interesting mystery and a compelling plotline If you re interested in a upbeat superhero novel then this is the novel for you.
Villains Inc Wearing The Cape 2 by Marion G HarmonAstra, aka Hope Corrigan, is at it again This time she starts out up against a godzilla like beast, while trying to keep it away from the public and her not so super friends she had accompanied on a weekend outing This seems par for the course for our super hero As with many, I had reservations about how well Marion G Harmon could have followed the first book in this series.
Right from the start this one does not disappoint.
Astra is back with her internal friend Shelly who is like a ghost from the past provided by future technology and left to her by The Teatime Anarchist a past friend and nemesis who proved to be his own worst enemy but you need to read the first book.
There are many characters from the first book but one of the important ones in this one is Artemis I say this because both Artemis and Shelly undergo some awesome changes, which help develop their characters.
Once again Hopes main concern is one of her mentors, Blackstone Through the future information available through Shelly, Hope discovers that Blackstone dies soon in at least one version of the future Since the first book proved that time could be altered somewhat, though at great cost, Hope seeks to find a way to reduce the cost and save a friend.
Of course one problem with super heroes is that they have to have a challenge and this book certainly presents those to her to the tune of often leaving her quite battered throughout the story.
There are secrets to uncover and bad press to try to work through, while she searches for an assassin who might be able to summon demons that can shred the target leaving puddles of liquid full of tiny bones.
The characters are so great and diverse and the notions so widely open that this series of books is beginning to shape up as something that might further entertain me for a quite some time.
This novel contains great stuff for many SFF lovers and all lovers of Comic book heroes.
Well written and nicely done thanks for the entertaining read.
L Dobias FIGHTING THE FUTURE Astra Has Finished Her Training And Is Now A Full Fledged Sentinel, But Things Are Not Going Well She Suffers From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, And The Public Revelation Of Her Relationship With Atlas Has Caused Her Popularity To Nose Dive To Complicate Things, The Teatime Anarchist S Intervention Has Changed The Course Of Events Leaving Her With Lots Of Knowledge About The Way The Future Was Before The Big One, A Complete Future History That Is Now Out Of Date And Just When She Thinks She S Getting A Handle On Things, Unfolding Events A Bank Robbery And A Horrific Murder Show That One Of The Nastier Pieces Of The Old Future Isn T So Out Of Date After All Unless She Solves A Murder Before It Happens, Blackstone Is Going To Die This is a good straight forward story of difficulties faced and overcome Astra Hope solved the time travel conundrum of book 1 This has left her as full member of Chicago s leading superhero team, the Sentinels and with information about probable futures, including the likely murder of her Sentinels teammate, Blackstone A bank robbery points Astra in the directions of a recently re established mob hit team made up of supers called Villains Inc The first Villains Inc was taken down by the Sentinels before Astra s time and in large part due to the information gathered by Blackstone Therefore it seems likely that the new Villains Inc is responsible for the probable future murder of Blackstone Before matters go far a local mob boss reaches out Astra to let the Sentinels know that Villains Inc has gone rogue Obviously the local mob is trying to keep from being caught in the middle but at the same time the mob, being crooks, isn t willing to actually help the heroes.
The bank robber has his own ax to grind with Villains Inc but Villains Inc has some way of tracking him keeping every on the run The bank robber eventually goes to Sentinel HQ causing Villains Inc to attack in the HQ in the hope of preventing the bank robber from sharing any information about them In that regard Villains Inc is successful, although that is mostly due to the bank robber not being unwilling to share Villains Inc was able to penetrate remarkably deep into Sentinel HQ but they were eventually beat off and bank robber escaped as well Still it is clear that Villains Inc pose a serious threat and it is up to Astra and the Sentinels to deal with them Bottom line A truly good superhero story worth the read.
The protagonist of the series is a young woman who has her superpower breakthrough during a terrorist attack in Chicago, nearly killing her She now has the alias Astra and is super strong, super durable and can fly She also belongs to a justice league type of organization which tries to put a smiley face on super powered humans However there is a shadowy group of super powered evil doers taking them on, leading to massive battles between them Lot of fun, much improved over the series introductory novella which was much less intense, focusing on world building and introducing some characters Look forward to continuing the story.