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ë Supernatural Hero à Download by ì Eran Gadot I bought this book for my middle school niece, she loved it, and so did I Supernatural Hero is packed with a lot of growing up and adventure from the first page to the last page This is a book that you and your child will read over and over again I would not change a thing about it It s one of the best books I ve come across for tweens in a very long time.
The characters are well developed and believable, the book is very well written, and well put together, plus there are a lot of morals in the story, and I enjoyed that Anyone can enjoy this book, regardless of the age I highly recommended This is a great little book for the middle grades set It s a heartwarming tale of the class nerd geek who is in love with the prettiest girl in the class When a family tragedy strikes, the main character Andy develops some supernatural powers that change him from geek to hero It s written with a lot of heart and both the storyline and characters are well developed I loved it and wish I d find books like this for my kids to enjoy Really hoping to read from this author and share his wonderful world with my young ones Well done and highly recommended.
I M The Class Nerd, The Only Kid Who Doesn T Get Invited To Birthday Parties Maybe It Would Be Better If Everyone Gave Me The Silent Treatment At Least They Would Be Paying Attention To Me So Thinks Andy, The Boy Everyone Makes Fun Of Because He S Really Skinny And Wears Glasses And Talks To Himself, The Nerdiest Kid In The Class, Who Falls In Love With The Prettiest Girl In The Class Andy Believes That He Will Show All The Geeks That One Of Them Can Go Out With The Queen Of The Class And One Day It Happens, Thanks To Grandpa Who Has Turned Into A Ghost Ever Since, Andy Can See All Kinds Of Ghosts And Talk To Them, And That S Why He Is The Only One Who Can Save The Lovely Zoe From The Evil Spirit That Got Into Her Home Will He Becomes A Supernatural Hero And Win The Girl Rating 10.
0 10.
0Review This book is probably one of the coolest books I ve read in a while because it hits home for me I was Andy in middle school, a socially awkward, glasses wearing kid who talked to himself because he had no one else to talk to Of course, I also fell in love with the prettiest girl in school, but alas, it didn t work out for me I love how the author included illustrations for each chapter to kind of give the reader a feel of what s happening in the author s eyes as well as the reader s A very cool book that I would recommend to any young reader my 7 year old enjoyed it, though I read it to her.
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com Not something I would have bought for myself It s a children s book I read in clinic waiting room I am going to buy for all the kids I know.
You really route for the main character in this book I especially like his relationship with his grandpa I had a wonderful grandpa that passed way too soon, so I can definitely relate to him A lot of children s books deal with bullies and other issues children face today, and this book does an excellent job of it Highly recommended.
Whether you re an adult with children or a child yourself or just someone reminiscing about when you were in grade school, Andy is very easy to relate to I mean who didn t feel like an outcast in school Especially when you were different then everyone else or if you weren t good with sports And how many of would have loved to have some special ability that us see grandpa who was only there to help us get through those hard times This is one of those books that belongs in a grade school class library Personally, I would have loved it as a kid So as always I try to talk about the things I liked about the story and the things I didn t like Positive Overall, I enjoyed everything about the book But if I had to pick a few things that stood out than the others, I think it would be the artwork While its simple in its design it did the job very well and as I read I wanted to figure out how each drawing related to the chapter Otherwise like I said above, the story is very well done.
Negative One thing that I didn t care for was the point of view, however that said Gadot does it in a way that makes it feel like we are reading Andy s journal or diary so the POV makes perfect sense Another minor thing I saw was that he some pretty long paragraphs that I feel could have been broken up to make the reading a little easier, but by no means did they hurt the story in anyway And finally a personal preference Spoiler warning While the goal of the story is for Andy to become confident enough to ask Zoe out on a date, I would have rather him ended up with Sally as she was like him A nerd girl for a nerd guy But in the end, we find out that maybe Zoe is a little like Andy then we ever thought So maybe in book number two we will find out that it s like a Boy that sees ghosts dating a girl that sees ghosts In that case, I think it works out just fine.
Again, I would highly recommend the book to anyone with kids or just kids in general And I personally am looking forward to number two.

Fun, educational and sweetI got this book for my nephew but I wanted to read it first, just to make sure it wouldn t be too mature for him you never know I was surprised that I enjoyed the book so much I love that it is told from Andy s perspective, the author really nailed how it feels to be a love sick awkward boy that just yearns to be understood He wants so badly to fit in but he soon learns that being yourself and being unique is the key to not only acceptance by his peers but also true happiness This is such an important lesson that many adults have yet to figure out Accept yourself first before others can.
The tragedy of losing the one person he can really confide in and who fully supports him was so hard to read but it was handled very well Then add in the supernatural superpowers allowing Andy to speak with his grandpa again and you have an awesome story It was so heartwarming and helped with his grief Then in a neat twist to the plot, the girl he is in love with is in danger by an evil spirit and Andy has the ability to intervene and save her and her family He goes from being the reserved bullied nerd to the hero, how better to get the girl s attention I really enjoyed this book and my nephew is currently reading it and so far he is just as glued to the pages as I was Would definitely recommend this book to boys and girls alike, especially those that feel like outcasts or are uncomfortable in their own skin Finding yourself is a journey and the sooner you learn the important lessons taught in this book the faster you can reach happiness.
I thought that this was a fantastic children s read, dealing gently with the subject of death.
Andy is the class nerd No one likes him and no one talks to him Even his parents and sister don t want much to do with him He s smarter than most and the only person in his life who understands him is Grandpa When he finds out that Grandpa has terminal cancer and just a few days to live, the bottom drops out of his world The good news is that Grandpa has not gone forever and returns to help Andy in the form a ghostly spirit Grandpa s mission to help Andy get the love of his life to the movies Will Andy ever be able to summon enough courage to speak to the lovely Zoe Will he save her house from burning down Can he convince his parents and his therapist that he s not crazy You ll just have to read on to find out This was a fantastic 5 star read, which will appeal to both children and adults alike.
This is a very heart filled book It is a story about a boy that doesn t fit in at school or home I read the whole book in one sitting After every chapter, I kept wanting to know until I had read the whole book I really enjoyed the illustrations also They give you a good visual experience about the characters in the story and what is going on.
This book is very detailed and well written It falls into several categories, Romance for the love of his life This book teaches you to never stop trying to win the person you love It teaches you to believe in yourself Bullying is a big issue right now This book should be promoted with the books about bullying Loss of a person you love This book brought tears to my eyes as I connected with the writer I also lost my grandpa to cancer My grandmother shortly followed him with Alzheimer s It also teaches children to wear helmets when they ride their bicycles Then the book turns into a sweet and spooky ghost story, which explains how the character became a superhero I loved how the ending tied in with the beginning I love how it has a happy ending and doesn t leaving you wondering about anything.
I won t say any, or I will give the entire book away I honestly really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to everyone There are a lot of lessons to be learned in this book that makes it very educational also This book definitely deserves a 5 star rating