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[Jack D. Ferraiolo] ↠´ Sidekicks [zombies PDF] Read Online À The author s gift for dialogue was there again this time but I think the very cool cover did a disservice to the book The audience seemed to be around an 8th grade reader but the cover looked 4th grade I bought it for my 11 yr old nephew, thinking it would be the same audience as The Big Splash butmy bad Great ideas in here, gotta say it, but it seemed rushed in spots Regardless, I m keeping my eye on Ferraiolo.
My sister and I just recently picked up some arcs, and Sidekicks was one of them Masked by a couple young adult novels, I definitely was expecting it to be of a sidekick no pun intended to what I thought would the better books I was so wrong I picked it up after one of said better books disgusted me so much I had to put it down Misfit, see my review.
Thinking I d just start it quickly and then go to bed, I was totally unprepared for the kick Sidekicks had It was amazing The main character, Scott, aka Bright Boy was adorable He was smart and capable enough that I didn t get impatient or frustrated with him, but he also had a very young, untrained, not perfect side to him as well, so I wasn t bored with him either There was a nice, unique spin on the whole superheroes in our midst idea that added a lot to the story All good things, but by far the best thing about this book was the plot, for one thing it was perfectly paced mAdn for another, the twist were totally unexpected, I don t think I saw one of them coming Which, maybe I was just off my game or something, and I m definitely not some fantastic predictor anyways, but that s still pretty impressive, the author did a great job A very well rounded book over all, the only criticism I can give it is that I think the main character, and his girlfriend should have been in highschool, their relationship was a bit old for mid school, and well, as with most good books, I wish it would have been longer But, that s not really a criticism So yeah, if you pick up Sidekicks, prepare for a wild ride that doesn t need any help at all, not even a Sidekicks Ha ha, another cheesy pun made by Kathryn.
Reviewed by Kathryn Taylor 6 word summary Shy teen superhero falls for archnemesis.
Summary After an embarrassing super sidekick wardrobe malfunction, Bright Boy a.
a student Scott Hutchinson begins to question the motives of his superhero partner, rethinks an old enemy, and prepares to step out on his own.
The Good I definitely think the tween set will like this one It has numerous martial arts fight scenes, criminal masterminds, betrayal, secret identities, and first love It is easy to read and moves fairly quickly In the uncorrected proof copy I have, scenes of plotting villains play out on black pages with white font, a format that will appeal to young readers I do hope the final published copy will continue using that.
The bad The erection stuff in the beginning is overplayed It s not the fact that it is included certainly young teen boys will sympathize it is that it is discussed, thought about, shown on television, and used as fodder for school bullies for about the first half of the book It just gets old Also, the plot moves slowly at times, but I do not think the youngsters will notice that as I did since it picks up again fairly quickly.
Content Language mild friggin, freakin, damn Sexuality multiple references to an unfortunate and ill timed erection some kissingViolence non bloody superhero fighting a man is murdered also non bloody Drugs alcohol brief mention of steroidsOverall rating Recommended for middle school libraries, Sidekicks is a relatively clean, fun read for superhero loving preteens Give it especially to sixth grade boys.
The theme of this book is to trust others If Scott hadn t trusted other people throughout this book he would have died If Scott hadn t listened to Jake and ran away from Phantom Justice when they were fighting, Scott would have died If Scott hadn t trusted Monkey Wrench they would never have become allies and they would never have exposed Phantom Justices plan to the public.
Why is it so difficult to write a good superhero novel There must be dozens out there but most of them are like Ferraiolo s Sidekicks Which is it to say, they don t quite make the grade Scott Hutchinson has been a plus plus super speed and super strength for years Posing as Bright Boy, the sidekick to Phantom Justice, Scott s never had a problem with his job or his employer until an embarrassing moment with his yellow tights and a pretty lady end up on all the news channels Determined to break away from Phantom Justice a little, Scott is ill prepared when he unexpectedly falls in love with Allison, better known as Monkeywrench, better known as sidekick to the evil Dr Chaos But who really is the evil one in this situation It s okay Not great The book would really benefit if it allowed itself to linger a little over a detail here or there rather than just plow ahead through the plot A fun story but not one that sticks in the brain for very long B

I put off reading this book because, being about superheroes, I suspected that it was totally a GUY book Fantasy is not my favorite genre either, but my Mock Newbery guys loved it so much and the girls are starting to weigh in positively too that I knew I HAD to read it WOW I was immediately drawn into this amazing adventure of modern kids, Scott and Allison, who are typical middle schoolers by day and Bright Boy and Monkeywrench, Sidekicks of the warring Phantom Justice and Doctor Chaotic by night It s hard to review this book without spoilers, so I m just going to say that this book has it allfantastic fights between the good guys and the villains, bullying challenges at school, and even romance Ferraiolo has built in so many unexpected twists and turns in the plot and the characters that you are always caught unaware and shocked at the turn of events right down to the satisfying ending This is definitely on my Newbery short list for uniqueness of plot The beginning caught me off guard with its references to Bright Boy s discomfort with his budding manhood can t wait to see what my students thought of that but that is an important part of the plot, handled well, and will draw preteens right in though it makes this a YA book I read this book in audio CD.
Do you think being a sidekick to a superhero sounds like the best job ever If you answered the question any answer will do , then this book is for you Scott aka Bright Boy has been a sidekick for Phantom Justice aka Trent his mentor and adopted dad since he was 7 Unfortunately Scott is starting to outgrow his sidekick status, and he has definitely outgrown his tights Since an awkward incident involving the aforementioned tights made Bright Boy a laughingstock, Scott has started to rethink his job He has no friends, he gets picked on at school, and worst of all, he is starting to question whether or not good guys and bad guys are as black and white as he once thought.
I really liked the pace of this book view spoiler Bright Boy and Monkeywrench have to be one of THE cutest couples ever hide spoiler Tough book to review Very wellwritten just like The Big Splash, fun, dark and twisty, managing to surprise me a couple of times which is not always easyHowever, be warned that nearly the first 100 pages are preoccupied with the feelings of the main character about being caught on video standing at attention in his costume guys you know what I mean While this is handled humorously, and does play into guys worst nightmares, it makes the book skew for upper middle, and pretty neatly knocks it out of consideration for most state listsI personally thought the story could have used less of that, however it was not overly graphic, and the story is strong right up to the deus ex machina ending I loved it I don t read too many books intended for the under 12 audience I would never have heard of this one, much less picked it up to read, if not for a fellow GR reader review that caught my attention.
I would categorize this as YA PNR since I know the middle school crowd reads those as well That way, adults might also take an interest I barely put the book down once I started reading it It grabbed me from the very beginning and took me on a whirlwind of action, teenage angst, and betrayals WOW Fantastic I recommend this to anyone who reads YA.
Batman Has Robin, Wonder Woman Has Wonder Girl, And Phantom Justice Has Bright Boy, Aka Scott Hutchinson, An Ordinary Schoolkid By Day And A Superfast, Superstrong Sidekick By Night, Fighting Loyally Next To His Hero But After An Embarrassing Incident Involving His Too Tight Spandex Costume, Plus Some Signs That Phantom Justice May Not Be The Good Guy He Pretends To Be, Scott Begins To Question His Role With The Help Of A Fellow Sidekick, Once His Nemesis, Scott Must Decide If Growing Up Means Being Loyal Or Stepping Boldly To The Center Of Things