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Download Epub Format Ê Rebirth PDF by ☆ Steven Long Mitchell This book was such a disappointment I m a huge fan of the original series, so when I heard that the creators were starting a book series, I was very excited However, I didn t realize that they weren t picking up where the series left off they were rebooting the idea I thought I would still give it a try Unfortunately, this book lacks all of the charm that the series had It is not well written The characters turn into cliches And why is Broots missing I almost find it hard to believe that this was written by the same people responsible for the original show.
Bottom line if you re a fan of the original series, stick to watching old episodes.
I CAN T BELIEVE I WAITED OVER 12 YEARS FOR THIS This is a sad day for fans of The Pretender The creators have tainted the memory with Rebirth I m heart broken with disappointment I read some of the other low rating reviews and didn t want to believe the book could be that bad The book is worse than I feared I don t just not like it as the one star suggests I hate the book I ve been a fan of The Pretender since its pilot episode, I ve watched waited and I and every single TP fan deserve so much better than this I read somewhere that at least Rebirth is fast paced and isn t an overblown epic like that of a best seller author whose name I won t use here I differ Rebirth isn t fast paced and is way overblown with hype I wanted a continuation and ending That best seller author is best seller for a reason If it s not broken, don t fix it, that s the saying and unfortunately, Reboot is broken Try to show your support some fans would say and to them I say that I ve shown my support forthan twelve years and believed the creators when they said they would give us a continuation in some format This isn t a continuation This is a badly written begin again I m a fan of the old version of The Pretender, the series, the classy Miss Parker, the emotions I am not a fan of this reboot, I won t buy another novel or graphic novel I ll watch my old dvds and remember the good times.
There Are Pretenders Among Us, Geniuses With The Ability To Become Anyone They Want To Be InA Corporation Known As The Centre Isolated A Young Pretender Named Jarod And Exploited His Genius For Their Research Then, One Day, Their Pretender Ran Away Written By The Creators Of The Cult Hit TV Show The Pretender Rebirth Is A Slick Mystery Thriller About A Brilliant Human Chameleon Named Jarod Who After Escaping From The Notorious Centre, Plunges Headlong Into His Newfound FreedomIn Rebirth, Jarod Employs Multiple Sophisticated Pretends In His Quest To Save One Missing Boy And Hundreds Of Other Innocent Lives Hanging In The Balance At The Hands Of Multi National Corporate Terrorists And Mercenaries Rebirth Is At Once An Enthralling Tale Of One Man S Exploration Of Life Around Him, Intricate Suspenseful Mystery And Intense Edge Of Your Seat Thrill Ride That Captures And Reignites The Cult Hit TV Series For Both Loyal Fans Of The Show And New Readers Alike I ve been a fan of the series since the premier of the pilot and was looking forward to a continuation of the series in any form I think my hopes were too high, there was too much hype I m disappointed with this first book and will not be purchasing another pretender Rebirth novel or future graphic novel There were always issues with continuity and editing, and unrealistic characterisations on the show but I thought the book would be different, I thought the writing would bemature, descriptive I don t know what I was expecting I know I m gutted I ve read Pretender fan fic that puts this book to shame.
In short, everything about this book sucks The writing, the book cover design, all of it sucks This is one of those sad moments in literature when television film exceeds the book of same title in quality, characters, plot, action, everything I ll start with the title Rebirth 1.
a new or second birth 2.
a renewed existence, activity, or growth renaissance or revival The creators promised a continuation, to give this series that is so dear to us a fitting and rewarding conclusion as seen here.
That s why many of us life long fans assumed we d be receiving definition 2, renewed activity, and long overdue too What the creators gave us with Rebirth is not a conclusion, it s the beginning of The Pretender all over again but in book format, horrible writing and grammar issues The authors completely screwed over the loyal fan base, the most devoted fans of the series, they are writing the entire thing over again This book is essentially the pilot episode of the series with an unprofessional book design that isn t cutting edge and is so two decades ago I ve already paid for the pilot one time when I bought the dvds Miss Parker and Jarod are both out of character She s a whore, chewing men up and spitting them out, and Jarod is a murderer He is responsible for the death of a sweeper who did nothing wrong, he kills the poor man and he doesn t even care There are too many juvenile words and sentences that it seems this book was written by two horny preteen boys instead of grown men who should know better They wrote that some one looks like a penis A penis How stupid Someone compared this book to Bourneand that s bullshit There is no comparison The works of Ludlum, King, Clancey, and even Koontz are epic professional masterpieces that are in a class far apart and far above the waste of ink that is Rebirth Ludlum and the others respected respect their life long fans I m not buying another Pretender book or novel I am so disappointed The Rebirth storyline is not a continuation of the series as we were led to believe it would be for a decade but an underhanded marketing scheme ching ching to attract a generation of new fans and alienates us who have been here from day one The show had issues, tropes, unbelievable leaps of logic, stringy cheese and so forth but the show also had some charm and at least it had a kinda interesting Sydney I was saddened to see these characters written as cliches Jarod, Miss Parker, all of the characters are one dimensional, dull flat card board cut outs And as another reviewer pointed out, the writing is juvenile and amateurish I have readenthralling,plausible and much much much better written fan fic and it cost me only time.
and after a decade of waiting for a promised ending and as horrible as Rebirth is, it shouldn t cost us anything except time They should pay us to read this crap Also, some of the fans will be included in the book, a select few The creators play favorites, and the fans who brown nose the most get the most attention and too many fans clamor for the attention I m ashamed to admit I was ever a fan of the show The old fans, us life long die hard fans that have been following the saga from the pilot episode are missing nothing by keeping our money and re watching the series We already purchased The Pretender series once, on dvd and although I was suckered into buying the first Pretender reboot book the series reboot only poorly written and painful to read , I will not be suckered again This is the first and last Pretender anything I ll ever buy.
It isn t canon It isn t good It s the pulling of teats essentiallymilking the fans for everything they can We were supposed to be given an endingthan 10 years ago Here we are still waiting The biggest dupes ever The men can t write Seriously I ve read higher quality fanfic The blurb is bs This isn t sleek It s nothing like Jason Bournemy apologies to Bourne fans Jarod does nothing profound and doesn t even run far He could leave the country He s stupid Some delusional fan said the show Centre was like La Femme Nikita Section but better and that Nikita Section copied TP Centre That s bullshit too The tv series La Femme Nikita is based on La femme Nikita THE movie about a shadowy government agency known as the Centre possibly part of the DGSEoh Snap Known as THE CENTRE and that movie was made way back in 1991 Five years before The Pretender If anyone copied anyone it was Steven Long Mitchell who did the copying Source google Look it up The truth burns The book sucks.

This is not good One, it wasn t the continuation I was led to believe by the creators that it would be I have to say that I don t appreciate misleading tactics and all in the name of making money I was fooled It won t happen again Aside from that, the deviation from the timeline is only a minor grievance The writing is not up to par, fell well below Pretender standards A life long fan, I was lost with this story line and my friends who are new to the Pretender thought it was a pain to read as they too were lost I don t like that fans are being added as characters to the book, that some fans are considered super fans by the creators We have all waited and were promised and I m sickened by this Rebirth I d rather see it left incomplete than to see it continue this way And I m appalled that the likes of Jenna Busch will be writing a graphic novel Or maybe the creators feel sorry for her to pick from the bottom of the barrel This is a merchandising endeavor and I reckon lunch boxes and such will be sold next I don t care what they sell next and I m sure some fans will be insane enough to purchase an autographed towelette Ya for them I am done If not for Pretender fan fic I would have been done with this fandom ages ago I don t care how manybooks, graphic novels or comics or any other merchandise the creators care to string us fans along with, I WILL NOT buy anything else.
Oh I was really excited about this book And then after I heard that Jarod s escape date had been changed twenty years, I had a bad feeling but I had faith A friend loaned Rebirth to me until I could order mine and now I m not going to order this book at all My friend was as disappointed as I am This is difficult for me as a long time French fan I wanted to at least rate the book two stars which means it was ok, but this book is not ok This isn t even canon This doesn t even seem like it s written by the original authors It just makes me sick For starters, it s not even a continuation, a pick up where the Isle of The Haunted left off and that, in all honesty, didn t seem like a continuation of The Pretender 2001 or of the series Rebirth is a complete restart Day one NO Broots and there is no Pretender without Broots Again I warn you, Miss Parker tells Sydney only you could have created a mess big enough to put me back in the field which means a complete restart Jarod has just escaped They are covering the same ground again, starting the whole series over again in a different worse way and it s terrible.
Reading the book, I have trouble with this Miss Parker She is so wrong She is way off with stupid quips that make her seem childish and pathetic In the series, most of her quips worked well but in Rebirth, it s embarrassing to read her comebacks There is no chemistry, nothing that pulls the reader in It s similar to the pilot but lacking so much And Miss Parker smokes Pall Malls Pall Malls There are much better brands of cigarettes, not these discount cancer sticks I d rather see her smoke ecigs, or Marlboro at least that s a classic American fag Another thing There are Boom s and Wham s and all sorts of childish cartoon terms that just make me want to throw the book This is a novel Not a comic book I shudder at what the graphic novels will bring I won t be reading those They won t even be written by the original creators or anyone familiar with the series Just an amateur whose writing I don t like All in all this book is a pretty amateurish alternate universe at best Do yourself a favor and read the fanfic In closing, I couldn t finish this book I only wanted an ending I don t want to relearn new characters, new secrets and lies I have Broots and Raines and all the original guest stars in my heart and mind and these new characters won t do There was enough material already given to us that they could have written one book and finished this series This about making money It s a sad day for the series I once loved Former pretender fan.
This highly anticipated return didn t live up to the hype It didn t even come close As a long time fan, I m very disappointed The addition of new characters is frustrating, the writing leaves much to be desired I wanted an ending, not to be strung along in this cash cow of innumerable series where the writers milk it for all it s worth and use fans to promote a product that is no longer relevant There are no words to describe how disappointed and ashamed I am This was no page turner, just a money waster.