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Ø Playing for Keeps å Download by ò Mur Lafferty The Shining Metropolis Of Seventh City Is The Birthplace Of Super Powers The First Wave Heroes Are Jerks, But They Have The Best Gifts Flight, Super Strength, Telepathy, Genius, Fire The Third Wavers Are Stuck With The Leftovers The Ability To Instantly Make Someone Sober, The Power To Smell The Past, The Grace To Carry A Tray And Never Drop Its Contents, The Power To Produce High Powered Excrement Blasts, Absolute Controlover Elevators Bar Owner Keepsie Branson Is A Third Waver With A Power That Prevents Anything In Her Possession From Being Stolen Keepsie And Her Friends Just Aren T Powerful Enough To Make A Difference At Least That S What They Ve Always Been Told But When The Villain Doodad Slips Keepsie A Mysterious Metal Sphere, The Third Wavers Become Caught In The Middle Of A Battle Between The Egotistical Heroes And The Manipulative Villains As Seventh City Begins To Melt Down, It S Hard To Tell The Good Guys From The Bad, And Even Harder To Tell Who May Become The True Heroes A freebie, and the sole written word I ve read from the First Lady of Podcasting Mur s pixie voice and soft spoken geekitude rings out in waves in this superhero novel if the guys from Cheers were C list superheroes forced into action, pitted against both superhero and supervillain This is for the Matter Eater Lads, the Bouncing Boys, and the Lasso Kids of the comic book world Well, it s a good concept anyway But the problem is the plot goes around and around and it never feels like you get anywhere It s like the middle could be taken out, and you could have the beginning go to the end without missing much This story could be a play, since it feels like they stay in one spot the entire novel They go to their base, they go outside the bar, they go back to the bar, they infiltrate the enemy base to rescue someone, they go back to the bar, they go to a cave, then back to the bar Maybe it s me, but it never felt like the characters were moving forward And if the characters don t move forward, then the plot doesn t.
You may not know it yet, but you want this book Now, I know what you re thinking Hey, Jason, maybe you want this book, but how do you know that I want it Well, nameless faceless reader, I m glad you asked that If you like superhero stories, you ll like this book It s got the usual fun action, adventure, and cool superpowers that make your inner fan person go squee If you don t like superhero stories, you ll like this book Instead of focusing on the jet setting antics of a few too perfect people in tights, this story revolves around the mostly normal, average people who get caught up in the super powered drama around them whether they like it or not Here s a hint it s mostly not If you think superheroes are spoiled, too perfect, overgrown jocks who like to prance around in their underwear, you ll love this book Because, well, they are, and this book certainly pulls no punches in that regard Trust me, you re not the only one who feels this way If you like good character stories, you ll love this book You ve never met anyone quite like Keepsie, and you ll soon be hooked Just be warned, though, once she has you, getting away can be well difficult But who would want to anyway So now you see why you want this book Next time, how about we just save time and you trust me on this, okay

The collection of folks with lame powers in a supers setting is something of its own subgenre, complete with its own tropes and dangers The single greatest accomplishment of this book is how deftly it avoids most of those traps Most notably, there are very few scenes where the heroes end up in a situation where their esoteric power is exactly the right solution, and thank goodness for that Similarly, Lafferty does a great job of starting things off morally gray and keeping them there, rather than coming to some faux moral ending This does mean that the ending is perhaps a little less satisfying than it could be, but that seemed a fair tradeoff.
That said, the book is not flawless The author clearly has a strong sense of characterization, but it is communicated to the reader very slowly The initial quick sketches of supporting characters are are very lightly applied and are dumped on the reader in blocks as multiple characters show up at once My overall impression was that the author knew the character so intimately that she glossed over some of what a reader who was new to these characters might need to know.
More problematically, the writing is a little transparent in parts, including than one occasion where a character abruptly does something that seems out of place, which turns out to have no impact on the story other than to serve as a vehicle for some specific point of plot introduction This is not a horrible thing characters do act to move the story forward out of necessity but it happened enough to draw my attention to it.
That said, these problems do not keep it for being a fun read More than anything, they are frustrations because the good parts are strong enough that they make the flaws stand out I d really be inclined to call it 3.
5 stars if goodreads allowed for such things.
If this book was a movie it would be a low budget Direct to Video one Previously, I would have given this a 1 Star but I ve evolved as a reader and am now mature enough to save my 1 stars to those books that are an abomination Areas in which this book was lacking STORYKeepsie and her friends are Third Wave heroes, which are people with useless superpowers like keeping all bar trays upright or knowing things about people from sniffing them In a town run by real superheroes and infested with super villains, the Third Wavers are shunned by the Academy Hero training centre and by society When Keepsie gets a chance to stand up to the Academy by withholding a device given to her by a villain, she does so just to spite the Academy and her friends stick by her Interesting premise, right Well, the rest of the story went something like this Third wavers get beaten up by the Super heroes, then they hide out in Keepsie s bar.
Third Wavers get beaten up by the villains, then they hide out in Keepsie s bar.
Third Wavers get beaten up by machines, then they hide out in Keepsie s bar.
Third Wavers get beaten up by a psychotic drugged scientist, then they hide out in Keepsie s bar.
Third Wavers get beaten up by demons from another dimension, then they hide out in Keepsie s bar.
Third Wavers, heroes, villains, machines, psychotic drugged scientist and demons all end up in Keepsie s bar.
Further, the ending was not fulfilling at all WRITING H.
E Badly in need of an editor Cringe worthy dialogue Half of the time it read like a superhero spoof and the other half it read like a bold and the beautiful script Bad Just needs to be re written completely to sound plausible and real Characters Flat Did not feel for them AT ALL They did not amuse me one bit I wasn t rooting for anyone, they were all fake The deep relationships that should have existed between them was not shown properly at all I couldn t connect with the book or feel the connection between the characters I wouldn t recommend this This should have been a first draft Shame, as the premise had a positive prospect.