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[Kevin Rau] ñ H.E.R.O. - Paragon [martial-arts PDF] Ebook Epub Download Í After A Modeling Shoot, Diva Is Called In To Aid Some Researchers In An Old Mine After The Mine Collapses, She Is Trapped Deep Underground Psystar Goes To Her Aid, Along With The Gahranii Scientists And A Powerful Builder Super From Out East The Opposing Gahranii Pirates Appear In A Bid To Capture The Selestor, Causing Potentially Fatal Wounds To Psystar And A ScientistBorgz, Still Bitter From His Death At The Hands Of The Hordemaker, Breaks The Villain Out Of Prison Along With Several Other Powerful Criminals Atomizer, An Ultra Powerful New Super Works With The City To Help Its Landfill Issues, And Is Taken Over By One Of The Villains As They Seek Out Their Own Revenge Against Their Former BossThe Goth Mutants Become Involved With Borgz As He Captures Several Heroes, Lance S Mother Rushes To The City In An Emergency, And An Older Hero Is MurderedA Skyscraper Is Split In Half Can The Heroes Stop An Evil Super Group As They Execute A Plan For Revenge Please Visit The Author S Website For Information On Characters, And Pictures And Small Biographies Of Many Of The Characters In The HERO Series HERO Paragon Is A Full Length Novel Of Approximately , Words