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[ Pdf Fairytale Interrupted Ë m-m-science-fiction PDF ] by RoseMarie Terenzio Ë RoseMarie Terenzio was the personal assistant to John Kennedy Jr in the five years prior to his death She was with him on the magazine George This book is a memoir of those times If you are interested in JFK Jr this has some details about his life But overall a so so book.
The worst part of this book is her treatment of Kennedy s death In the work of talented authors you can come to care for the most unlikely of characters and weep at their cruel fate Not so here Her treatment is entirely about how his death, the death of his wife sister in law affected her Answering the phone, sorting clothing, and above all moving on and trying to make a buck out of her past relationship with JFK Meanwhile she is trying too hard to convince us that she is a good worthy person.
I m one of those people who has long been fascinated by the Kennedy mystique Remembering vividly where I was when I learned that President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, and where I was when I learned that JFK Jr s plane en route to Hyannis had disappeared on the fateful day in July of 1999 Since I haven t read much about JFK Jr s adult life, I couldn t wait to read this memoir, written by his executive assistant, who worked for him during the last 5 years of his life.
I had a hard time writing this review because, I was very disappointed by this book It was very boring, lacked any real depth or insight into the lives JFK Jr or his wife Carolyn Bessette The book did not even have any photographs of people, just a few photos with some hand scratched notes I wondered as I read why the author waited over 12 Years since the couple s death to write this book as well.
The author, Rose Marie Terenzio, had been working for a PR firm in NYC when her boss began a new business venture with JFK Jr, hence, how she landed the job as his executive assistant She shares day to day experiences about screening John s calls, keeping his appointments straight and the secrecy required working for such a high profile individual, and the launching of George magazine She writes about when he began dating Carolyn, shortly after his mother died, and how he asked Carolyn to marry him while out on a boat fishing on Martha s Vineyard the following year We learn very little about their very small and private wedding on an island in Cumberland, GA, the planning which all had to kept a secret The reader does learn that John was a fly by the seat of his pants sort of guy, often disorganized, and known for springing plans last minute on his wife and others.
I guess what annoyed me about this book was the fact that while I was lead to believe, it was about lessons that Rosie might have learned from working for John, but what I was really left with after reading this book was a feeling of a lot of self promoting by the author She tells how she was envied because of her job How she was included in all of the special functions, getting the best seat to concerts, and how Carolyn took her under her wing, gave her a sense of style and often picked up the tab as well Rosie shared Carolyn s unhappiness about being badgered by the media, and photographers trying to snap shots of her every time she walked the dog or went for coffee To me, those were things that most people already knew about Carolyn already.
Very disappointed I bought this book There really wasn t anything interesting or new to be learned about John or Carolyn.
This was a free book on my Nook, and I just started reading it I had never been into the Kennedy thing, but I thought it might be interesting to learn about JFK Jr.
Unfortunately, I couldn t get past the voice of RoseMarie Terenzio She cites in the book that she knew she wasn t as knowledgeable as many of her peers at George, and you can tell that she hasn t done much to improve on that in the 12 years since the tragedy of Kennedy, his wife, and his sister in law Her voice is boring, self absorbed, and weak She spenttime talking about how lucky she was to have John and Carolyn to dote on her than talking about John and or Carolyn I did not identify with Rosie on any level, so I felt disconnected from her in general Even when I should have been emotionally wrecked at the end with the impending death of JKF Jr and his wife, her best friends in the whole world, I didn t find myself empathizing at all Her dialogue was also confusing One paragraph she was talking about John and in the next paragraph she was bringing up her friend Frank or her parents with no actual relation to the story she was telling It took me several pages to infer whether Frank was, in fact, gayshe just sort of rambled in a stream of conscious that was definitely no Faulkner Overall, I didn t hate itbut I didn t really like it either.
I m really surprised that some reviewers did not love this book I loved the details of Rosemarie Terenzio s life and thought they paired wonderfully, contrasting with the life of JFK Jr The characters are complete opposites, Terenzio born a poor Italian, JFK Jr born wealthy as America s goldenboy I appreciated the inclusion of both details, because it created arounded read and differentiated it from typical Kennedy centric books It really humanized Kennedy and his wife, making them into muchdynamic individuals because they were directly placed in comparison to the author I became surprisingly emotionally invested in the book I knew how it turned out for JFK, but I wanted to see how it changed the author s life, as she was so invested in the lives of John and Carolyn It s a great read for JFK Jr fans because of the intimate details of his life, but it is also a great read for memoir fans, interested to see how a normal person reacts when thrown into celebrity life Well since it s been like at least twenty days since I ve read something Kennedy related is it just me or is there a rash of them lately I decided to pick up this memoir by JFK Jr s assistant right hand gal It s interesting how she falls into her position and you have to admire the fact she was not at all star struck, or so she says I do wonder if her whatevs attitude was really that or she s playing it up She did seem to keep her mouth shut and it is clear John and Carolyn trusted her immensely.
There isn t a whole lot of insight here considering she was extremely close to both John and Carolyn The author talks a lot about her own life outside the John orbit, which, sorry, isn t that interesting my life would make an equally dull book We do learn a few things John was a little bit petulant but kind hearted Also he does not know the difference between your and you re The author should NOT have included his handwritten notes in this they honestly made him seem a little dopey as do her recollections of their playful banter If he was less attractive and pedigreed then, the way she portrays him, he was super annoying whiney office dude with a ball crusher of a wife.
Carolyn was a fairy godmother type, happy to spend a gazillion dollars to make those around her feel good She seemed like a nice person, if not somewhat vapid, and very generous until she got pissed at you and then she was cold I still feel like the reader doesn t get the full story there as it relates to the writer Their marriage was rocky no surprise there and I wonder if it was even worse than the author let on She didn t address Carolyn s alleged coke habit and as she refutes so many other rumors and doesn t touch that one, it did give me pause I am glad the two had their private wedding ceremony, something that never would ve happened in this era of Twitter and Facebook It must ve been brutal to deal with the paparazzi I do feel for her Their wedding day must ve been the only day she truly had at peace in their three year marriage It did strike me when the author learns about the plane crash that she had literally nothing else going on in her life John and Carolyn, that s it I felt panicky wondering, what the hell is she going to do Indeed it takes her years to get her bearings again I shed a few tears, for the writer, for all the things John, Carolyn, and Carolyn s sister Lauren never got to do This book was a decent read but I still think the best JFK Jr related memoir is What Remains by Carole Radziwill, that book was loaded with heart and soul in a way this was not.

If you are expecting a book about JFK Jr, you may be disappointed This book is about Rosemarie Terenzio, how her life was influenced by knowing and working for John Kennedy It reads as a refreshing and honest memoir I love the title, Fairy Tale Interrupted, and think that Kennedy would be proud that Terenzio has made her own happily ever after.
Working Girl meets What Remains in this New York Times bestselling, behind the scenes story of an unlikely friendship between America s favorite First Son, John F Kennedy Jr and his personal assistant, a blue collar girl from the Bronx Featured in the documentary I Am JFK Jr From the moment RoseMarie Terenzio unleashed her Italian temper on the entitled nuisance commandeering her office in a downtown New York PR firm, an unlikely friendship bloomed between the blue collar girl from the Bronx and John F Kennedy Jr.
Many books have sought to capture John F Kennedy Jr s life None has been as intimate or as honest as Fairy Tale Interrupted Recalling the adventure of working as his executive assistant for five years, RoseMarie portrays the man behind the icon patient, protective, surprisingly goofy, occasionally thoughtless and self involved, yet capable of extraordinary generosity and kindness She reveals how he dealt with dating, politics, and the paparazzi, and describes life behind the scenes at George magazine Captured here are her memories of Carolyn Bessette, how she orchestrated the ultra secretive planning of John and Carolyn s wedding on Cumberland Island and the heartbreak of their deaths on July 16, 1999, after which RoseMarie s whole world came crashing down around her Only now does she feel she can tell her story in a book that stands as a fitting personal tribute to a unique boss My Thoughts As a fan of all things Kennedy, I relished the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the prince of that clan, and the one least known to me.
We all recall him saluting at his father s funeral we were there while his mother was trying to protect him and his sister from the paparazzi while they were growing up and we watched while he started his magazine George, hoping to carve out his own niche And then grieved as he and his wife and sister in law lost their lives in that fatal plane crash in 1999.
I did enjoy the author s voice as she described the working relationship she had with John while serving as his assistant, and also the friendship that developed between her, John, and Carolyn, sometimes even mediating their disagreements.
I would have loved seeing some personal photos, and having a greater insider view of their personal worldbut no one book can give us everything we want about the life of someone we admire and want to knowabout I liked the author s writing style, which felt like a conversation between the reader and the author, so despite what was missing for me from the story, I give this book 3.
5 stars.
Okay, now the world will know that I am a Kennedy family fangirl When I was a little girl, I checked out every book I could find on the Kennedys and pored over them like I had to take a test on them the next day When I went to Boston for the day, the only thing that I did of note was go to the JFK Library So when I saw this audiobook on the shelf, I had to listen First of all,it is read by the author and I love RoseMarie s voice, beautiful Bronx accent and in your face attitude Second, RoseMarie loved her job as JFK, Jr s personal assistant so was it her fairytale that was interrupted or was it the fairytale of JFK Jr and his wife Funny throughout most the book, it just kept moving you forward so that you wanted to know what came next Heartbreaking ending but of course, the Kennedys could provide no other.
When I read excerpts of Fairytale Interrupted, in People Magazine last week I made a note to check it out But when I went toearlier this week and read the only six reviews left so far I wasn t too thrilled with what I saw Almost half were one star reviews, with reasons why the readers didn t like the book The rest were rave reviews that sounded way to trite for my taste in memoir So I almost went against all the advice I give to readers about vetting reviews and books and passed on Fairytale Interrupted I usually check out the information on , but then go to Kobo to order the digital version because I have two Kobo reading devices and a Nextbook tablet Part of the reason I almost passed was because of the questionable reviews, and part was because of the price 11.
99which crossed my line when it comes to digital books I stopped short and decided to read the free digital excerpt onThe reviews kept bothering me they didn t sound right compared to the great excerpts I d read in People Magazine I also figured that I d never pay that price for an erotic anthology edited by someone who isn t an editor and written by people who are new authors But I would pay full digital price for memoirs that revolved around names like John Kennedy Jr.
, depending on what I find while vetting the book.
So I opened theexcerpt and started reading the prologue I should also admit that I m not a huge fan of prologuesanywhereand usually skip right over them This time, however, the minute I started reading I couldn t stop After the prologue, I read part of the first chapter And after that, I went over to Kobo and bought the book I wound up reading it in almost one sitting One reason the book resonated with me is because I felt close to the author inthan one way I m a writer who worked in publishing in the 1990 s as an associate editor, I lived in a small studio, and I remember the feeling of excitement within the publishing industry regarding the Internet This was also pre 911 and Manhattanand the worldwas a different place Another reason the book resonated with me is because of John Kennedy While I was still in college, I went into New York to visit my brother for the weekend At the time, he lived on Manhattan s Upper West Side, which was very trendy at the time I m not sure if Kennedy still lived there then, but a lot of celebs did and it was an exciting place to be for a few years This is one of the reasons why I set my own book, The Virgin Billionaire, on the Upper West Side We went to a small out of the way restaurant that weekend and I actually met John Kennedy for a split second It wasn t even an actually meeting I was talking to someone about whether or not it was faster to go through the park to get downtown and he bumped into me and said he was sorry I didn t even know it was him, until my brother told me a minute later The book is not one of those tell all, gossipy works that talks about things most people consider far too personal to discuss But there are a great deal of intimate scenes between the author and John Kennedy that sound real enough to be absolute truth The author is honest and you know she didn t make anything up to sell a book The integrity is there, and you can almost feel the loyalty and respect Rosemarie Terenzio felt for John It s also very well written As a writer it often bothers me when I see too many common mistakeseven in non fiction This book doesn t do that It flows with an even pace, it s not too wordy or over written, and I didn t find as many mistakes in the digital version as I often find in other digital books This alone is refreshing The title of the book is bittersweet John s life, and the author s life, were fairytales interrupted I could feel how devastated Ms Terenzio was when everything changed so fast And, even before I read this book, I always felt it was such a shame John didn t get a chance to fulfill his goal with his Magazine, George I used to read it from cover to cover And if John hadn t died so suddenly I believe George would have been what The Huffington Post is today on the Internet Unfortunately, this never happened If you are looking for something dishy and trashy and gossipy, this is not the non fiction book for you If you are looking for something well written and smart, you won t be disappointed The one thing that still bothers me about the one star reviews I read is that this book, even if you don t like it, deserves nothing less than two stars just for the quality of the writing alone I m giving it five.
Working Girl Meets What Remains, This Is The Behind The Scenes Story Of An Unlikely Friendship Between America S Favorite First Son, John F Kennedy, Jr And His Personal Assistant, A Blue Collar Girl From The BronxThe Kennedys Have Captured The American Imagination For Fifty Years, And The Public S Enduring Fascination With Camelot Continues To This Day Now, Former Personal Assistant And Dear Friend Of JFK, Jr And Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, RoseMarie Terenzio Has Waited For Than A Decade To Share Her Unique, Intimate, And Extraordinary Perspective Of Life Behind The Kennedy CurtainUpon First Meeting, RoseMarie Was Not Immediately Impressed With JFK, Jr In An Awkward Yet Comedic Encounter, She Walked Into Her Office To Find That John Had Begun Dismissively Boxing Up Her Personal Belongings And Moving Them To A Smaller Office, Including Her Prized,autographed Howard Stern Photo As She Gave Him A Piece Of Her Mind, People Stood Around Gaping That She Would Dare Speak To JFK, Jr That Way But John Loved Her Moxie And Eventually Asked Her To Become His Personal Assistant And Publicist And Years Later She Would Become One Of His Closest Confidantes, As Well As Carolyn S For Five Years RoseMarie Witnessed John S Dating, Politics, His Marriage To Carolyn, And His Untimely Death In Her Memoir, She Blends Her Own Story Of A Young Woman Who Rose From An Embattled Childhood To Follow Her Dream With Amazing Revelations About The Man Who Has Been The Subject Of Unparalleled Attention, Sensationalism, Adoration, And Speculation Offering Readers A Rare Access To The Epicenter Of American Royalty, This Funny, Moving, And Truthful Work Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Legacy Of Writing About The Kennedys