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My plan was to give this book somewhere around 2 or 2.
5 stars because it was clich , unoriginal, riddled with plot conveniences, and sloppy I just wasn t enjoying it at all Then I got about 3 4 of the way through when the main character was raped and the rape was blamed on her And it nEver got rectified.
I ll keep from using names in case you plan to read this book which I don t recommend there wasn t a single good element in this story Rapist She wanted me Not youmeLove Interest after wrestling this guy off of her love interest turned toward me, his face wrought with confusion Is that true Main Character My hands trembled violently and tears streamed down my face What rapist had done was wrong, And yet I had sat beside him on the piano, playing for him I had allowed his shoulder to press close as he spoke of his family I had let his hand squeeze mine Had I given him some unspoken invitation Had my kindness seemed like somethingI don t know, I said, covering my mouth with my hand.
Then the love interest yells a little and runs off into the woods to pout and we get to read pages and pages of her dreaming of him, pining after him, and wishing she could just explain herself and explain that, in fact, she hadn t wanted to be raped.
Then, when the love interest finally and predictably finds her and Everything is made okay again, I simply couldn t find it in me to care At all Because if my husband Ever had to pull a man off of me, that man would be dead before he Ever had a chance to blame me And if the rapist did try to blame me, there is no way my husband would Even consider that anything like that could Ever have been my fault And frankly, none of that was Ever fixed in the book Everyone just moved on.
This book wasn t good, it was getting a low rating from me anyway But that whole situation deserved a rant You should know what you re getting into I don t recommend this book to anyone.
One of the first questions I ask myself when I m reading a dystopian novel is, Could I Ever live in this world I can easily answer no for Eve I can see this book having two distinctive effects on people horrifying them and completely turning them off or intriguing them just enough to keep them reading I m happy to say I fell in the latter category.
Eve lives in a world that has been devastated by a deadly Plague leaving countless children orphans As a result, the country is in disorder and the people, desperate for a solution, allowing one man to rule as king, whose ideals for rebuilding, prey on the most innocent members of society Girls, or sows, are sent to Schools where they are taught men are evil and manipulative only to graduate and be forced to conceive child after child to help populate the world Boys, on the other hand, are sent to labor camps where they work long hours, their innocence stolen before it Even had time to begin Eve learns these awful truths the day before she is set to graduate and she does what anyone in her situation would do She runs.
Things I lovedThe premise of the book is a disturbing one Connecting with the minor characters was something I didn t expect would happen I couldn t help but think of my own children as I read it To think society would Ever slip that far and abuse our childrenit bothers me It bothered me on the same lEvel that the Hunger Games did with children battling it out to the death for adult entertainment So, for that Eve kept me turning page after page because as a mother my heart broke for the kids in this book There was one scene in the book were a little boy asks Eve what love is and she tells themLove is just caring for someone very deeply Feeling like that person matters to you, like your whole world would be sadder without them in itThat was just very heartbreaking for me For a 6 year old not knowing what love is Like I said, it bothers me But not in the bad way where I would want to stop reading Instead, in a way that made me stop and be very thankful for what I have in life The writing style was pretty good, in my opinion I could Even pick out a few quotes that I thought were lovely like this one The stream was the only hand that touched me, the wind the only breath that blew the dust from my eyes I learned the strange art of loneliness, the weathered yearning that swells and passes, swells and passes, when you walk a trail alone.
I also really liked the love interest, Caleb You know how the love interest always pulls the card where his controlling over protectiveness is romanticized as loving concern I didn t find that here Caleb was a sweet guy He took care of Eve and her friend, Arden when they had nowhere to go I could feel that he really cared for Eve There is one part of the novel that spoke volumes about his character to me Eve was staying with Caleb and a group of other stray boys and they were just about to go on a raid the guard s outpost Caleb doesn t think it s a good idea that she goesWhat if I still want to go Then you ll go, he said But I wanted you to know the dangerThat quote made me so happy because YES, let s tell the heroine of the danger, but YES, let her decide if she wants to proceed or not Things I dislikedI think we all saw this coming from me The world building Unfortunately, I had trouble with the believability that America could sink so low as to do away with democracy, liberty, and basic human rights in such a short amount of time It s only been sixteen years and Americans have rEverted to enslaving their children No, just no Further, if the goal is to reproduce as fast as humanly possible, why aren t the adults who live comfortably in the city charged with having children Why only the orphan girls Not only that, but again, and this seems to be something I m saying a lot lately, but what in the world are the rest of the human population doing Besides that sketchy world building, there was one big thing that I really disliked Eve Eve had exactly three modes in this book 1 Saw dust for brains 2 Too stupid to live 3 Selfish She goes through the novel making the worst decisions possible that either ended up getting someone else hurt or killed I get that she was sheltered all her life and that perception of the real world had been tampered with, but why no common sense Petting a wild bear is suicide It does not in any way, shape, or form resemble Winnie the Pooh It s time for a wild life lesson If you saw a grizzly in the woods, would you immediately think of this guy Maybe I m missing something here Do they look related to you No Not Even distant cousins, twice removed Now, I m no expert, but to me it looks like one of these bears is about to rip a clueless girl a new one, while the other is only a danger to himself of overdosing on jars of honey How does that saying go again Oh, yeah Eve was a few french fries short of a happy meal At first, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but she didn t seem to get any smarter as the novel wore on For example, her relationship with Caleb You all know how the YA romance goes You ve got to have something that breaks the couple up Eve gets into an argument with Caleb about wanting to stay with him instead of traveling to Califia the shelter He reasonably tells her he would like that, but since the king is after her, she would be safer at the shelter You know what Eve does She throws a tantrum and calls him selfishAnd that is the scene I lost all my respect for her It was frustrating I just wanted her to use her brain just once That s not really asking too much is it Yet, somehow I was able to enjoy this book Again, mostly thanks to the minor characters and Caleb The ending leaves us with a cliffhanger you knew was coming Let s just say it left me angry and leave it at that Even stranger is that I really do want to check out the sequel Huh.
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Where Do You Go When Nowhere Is Safe Sixteen Years After A Deadly Virus Wiped Out Most Of Earth S Population, The World Is A Perilous Place Eighteen Year Old Eve Has NEver Been Beyond The Heavily Guarded Perimeter Of Her School, Where She And Two Hundred Other Orphaned Girls Have Been Promised A Future As The Teachers And Artists Of The New America But The Night Before Graduation, Eve Learns The Shocking Truth About Her School S Real Purpose And The Horrifying Fate That Awaits HerFleeing The Only Home She S Ever Known, Eve Sets Off On A Long, Treacherous Journey, Searching For A Place She Can Survive Along The Way She Encounters Arden, Her Former Rival From School, And Caleb, A Rough, Rebellious Boy Living In The Wild Separated From Men Her Whole Life, Eve Has Been Taught To Fear Them, But Caleb Slowly Wins Her Trust And Her Heart He Promises To Protect Her, But When Soldiers Begin Hunting Them, Eve Must Choose Between True Love And Her Life In This Epic New Series, Anna Carey Imagines A Future That Is Both Beautiful And Terrifying Nope.
Re read from 26th 29th Nov 2013 You can love anyone Love is just caring about someone very deeply Feeling like that person matters to you, like your whole world would be sadder without them in it GENRE YA DYSTOPIAN ROMANCE with bits of action WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN NOWHERE IS SAFE Eve is set in the year 2032, 16 years after a deadly virus wiped out most of Earth s population Males and females have been saparated Ever since Sometimes it seems like all the things I need to know, I don t And all the things I do know are completely wrong At the school were Eve and all the other girls lived and learned, they were taught that men can not be trusted Men will manipulate them Lie to them, and hurt them Men are the enemy of Every girl in New America But Everything they learned was a lie Eve, a 16 year old, innocent girl, finds out the brutal truth hidden from Everyone She knows one thingif she stays she will be doomed to an eternity of pain, sorrow and helplessness There is not other option but to run away beyond the wall that used to be her safe haven from all the dangers out there Now, she is alone, scared, hungry Then she meets Caleb Caleb is a rough, rebellious boy living in the wild Separated from men her whole life, Eve automatically doesn t trust him But soon, Caleb wins over her trustand Eventually her heart He promises he will protect her, but soldiers are looking for Eve.
And to be in love in a world like this one, is to be already cursed.
Sacrifices and choices have to be madetrue loveor her life I have first read Eve in Jan 2012, and LOVED it to the very last page But it s been a long time since then, and obviously my tastes in books have changed quite a lot as i haven t really enjoyed Eve this time I re read Eve because i want to re read Once 2nd book so i can finally read the last one and be done with the whole trilogy.
I wonder how that s gonna work out for me Characters Eve Reading through my old review, i am surprised that i actually wrote i loved her, because it was far from what i felt now I could not connect with Eve and i didn t like her Wouldn t say i hated her either though.
To me, she was too girly, and toodependent on someone else.
She couldn t do anything useful, like defend her own ass and look after herself Everybody else had to do that for her and it got on my nerves, as many characters that i actually liked died or got hurt protecting her Caleb I didn t necessarily like him too He was.
OK To be honest, it felt WEIRD reading about him, and how weird is THAT He definitely did not make me swoon.
or drool for that matter But i liked howermmthoughtful and nice he was to others Caleb was very helpful A relationship between two people can be judged by the list of things unspoken between them The relationship between Eve and Caleb was perhaps the worse thing of the whole book I felt no connection, chemistry or anything whats so Ever between those two The romance felt shallow and forced If you re not going to take time to dEvelop the relationship between characters step by step, realistically then don t Even botherlike, seriously just don t Eve is a very emotionally action packed book that i think many readers would enjoy, especially dystopian fans I am a sucker for action scenes and, like, running away from people plotlines, and this one had a lot of those that were actually amazing at times But the problem was, for some reason i couldn t get into it Maybe it was because of the style of writing which i m not really a big fan of.
The world building was good I give it 6 10 Not the best i have read, but decent stuff that i liked Love was death s only adversary, the only thing powerful enough to combat its clawing, desperate grasp.
The ending was a bit like I still found it very sad, but i didn t cry mind you.
For those who will read this for the first time you re gonna be all like and some will get teared up a little I loved my mother too, I said I still do That s the thing it nEver goes away, Even if the person does Overall Eve was a good read I liked it Would i recommend it to others Sure, why not I have a feeling people will like itthan i did, but BE WARNED, this book might creep you out a tiny bit Sincerely The Critic To say that Eve surprised me would be a massive, massive understatement The only reason I picked up this book to begin with was because I have an ARC of Once, Eve s sequel, sitting around, and I felt bad for neglecting it I had fairly low expectations before going into Eve, and quite honestly, I expected my rating at the end to be at most two or three stars, after reading some of the negative reviews that almost assured I would have a similar experience And I think it may be because of those very reviews that I had an experience almost completely opposite with Eve Before Even opening the pages Eve, I expected a boring read with mediocre characters and horrible world building, as that is what most of the negative reviews led me to beliEve, but instead, what I got with Eve was a disturbing and emotionally raw novel with great characters that made me cry a countless amount of times I found Eve to be a powerful and beautifully written little novel, and it was one that punched me in the gut over and over and over again In the world of Eve, a disastrous plague has swept the entire nation and left ninety eight of the entire population dying After the aftermath of the plague, and after seeing her loved ones slowly fall at the hands of the plague, Eve is brought into the School a housing place for young girls At the School, the girls are fed, taught, and treated to until they turn eighteen HowEver, a day before her graduation from the School, Eve escapes to find out what really happens to the women after they graduate Horrified by what she finds out to be the truth, she escapes from the School in a mission to go to a place called Califia a place where she will be safe But how will Eve, having been sheltered and kept from the outside world almost all her life, know who to trust As I am writing this review, I am struggling to find another instance where a book has had as great of an emotional impact on me as Eve has In fact, upon reading the very first pages in Eve, I found myself tearing up This book is about love, it is about loss, it is about moving on, and, alongside that, it is about a young girl trying to run away from her future while also escaping from a deadly plague And it handles all of that amazingly I d once read about amputees, and how they had pains where their arms and legs used to be Phantom limbs, they were called I d always thought that was the best way to describe my feelings about my mother She was now just an ache for something I d had lost.
Eve is not the smartest heroine you ll Ever read about, or the strongest, and she is at times a bit selfish and difficult to like, but I just found that to be the effects of her being sheltered and monitored and lied to her entire life She s at times naive, and she is imperfect, but she learns from her mistakes and she feels guilt for her wrong decisions, seemingly miniscule and incapable of harm to her, that, unfortunately, impacted other people s lives Eve feels regret for those decisions she s made, and she betters herself as a person through those wrong decisions Or, in other words, she s human And she s a lotof a believable character than half of the heroines in young adult dystopians on the market today As well as Eve, the secondary characters, and Eve s love interest, Caleb, were incredibly likable and dEveloped throughout the course of the novel I have to say that my favorite character in Eve was Arden, and that my favorite relationship in Eve was the one between her and Eve The two girls are incredibly different and not ideal friends at first, but throughout the novel they learn that they are similar in many ways, and their relationship has one of the most interesting and well dEveloped dynamics I ve had the pleasure to read about this year I only wish I could say the same for the relationship between the two central characters, Eve and Caleb While I definitely found Caleb to be a likable character, and Eve an at times likable character, I was nEver really sold on their relationship together It was sweet, and it wasn t insta love, but to me it just felt like there was no basis behind the purpose of the romance Though I guess sometimes relationships are like that in the real world, as well While the novel itself is certainly not without its flaws the biggest one pertaining to the world building, or lack thereof, I found Eve to be an engaging and powerful read, set in a grisly and disturbing world that is scarily possible, and the emotional impact it had on me is one that I am sure to remember I am now happy that I have that ARC of Once waiting for me, and I am eager to see what Carey has in store.
5 low whistle WOW There is quite a bit of ragging on this book here.
I did a naughty thing I picked this book to read, then looked at the reviews here And did I Ever TAINT my own mind So I immediately started off wanting to hate it and call it misogynistic But guess what I actually DIDN T hate it Okay, so it s not the Mona Lisa of YA, but really, I don t think it deserves the one and two star ratings.
Here s the biggest thing to remember about this dystopian world The role of women in this society is something society created, not humanity created.
What I mean by that is that this is a dystopia for a reason Eve, Caleb and Even Leif are all products of that particular society.
That being said, was Eve incredibly weak and annoying at times Yes Was her attitude around Caleb highly and annoying naive at times Yes But and this is really true she did Everything with the best intentions.
Some of the worst things imaginable have started with the best intentions, but that is not the point here.
The point is I would judge a female character from this world acting like that harder than I judged Eve in her world.
AND I got say I thought she manned up there at the end In the beginning she was deathly afraid of a man and by the end NOT A SPOILER she s pointing a gun at a man AFTER all the death, etc she s seen Come on, that takes some gutage.
And don t get me wrong The premise of this book is quite appalling I wouldn t call myself a feminist by definition, but the idea of women being a baby factory is disgusting, demeaning, degrading and morally wrong So don t think my defense of Eve s character, etc is stemming from some hyper traditional beliefs It s not.
But the story was well written, there was good pacing, the characterization was good, and you know what I think I will be checking out the sequel I did feel like certain things were rushed Like her finding out about the baby factory life, the escape and the relationship with Caleb though I could argue myself on that one being uber sheltered would lead toextremist feelings when they came about.
Okay Off my soapbox now

I ve just finished reading Eve and it was amazing.
So touching and heartbreaking.
I loved it.
I coudn t put this book down and I didn t want it to end.
I just can t wait for the next novel.
He was a strange breed of man, part wild Not the sophisticated kind who graced the pages of The Great Gatsby Nor did he seem like the violent man I d encountered on my first day in the wild He had saved me, at least I could only hope that it wasn t for some nefarious purpose High Points.
The idea I know people will be like B b but it s exactly the same as The Handmaid s Tale but I ve nEver read it sooo I think Ms Carey did a great job at setting up this idea and it was incredibly creepy Arden Caleb post Eve Ruby Pip Lief post Eve Low Points.
Eve This book would have been awesome if Eve had just called in sick The representation of men If you have a penis in this book you have to either be a leery sexual predator or a boy who goes all gooey when there is a girl in your vicinity MAKE YOUR CHOICE, BOYS.
Insta love Can you buy this in a can I think it is only acceptable ish for authors to make their characters fall in love so quickly in stand alone novels If you know that your book is going to be a series let it simmer for a bit You ll make your readers go mental When they get together in like the fourth chapter, the mystery is gone and, unfortunately, so is my interest I really hope this is one of those series that gets better, because this book does have potential but these creases need to be ironed out Heroine.
I have a lot in common with Mary Sue Eve she s beautiful, she s intelligent, she s irresistible to boys and she s innocent and thinks that when a boy refers to his whispers balls he means the balls on his foot I still don t get that joke Sigh She s also a complete and utter Annoying Female Protagonist AFP I don t want to be too cruel because it s not entirely her fault She s had it pretty rough She s had to grow up without a mother in an all girls school and a PLAGUE has killed Everyone else, so her naivety and nervousness when it comes to the male species is understandable.
Because all girls who go to an all girls school get jumpy and skittish when people of the male disposition are nearby I mean, when I went to sixth form and a boy sat down next to me I stabbed him in the thigh with my fountain pen because his foot touched mine She s nEver Even seen a boy, so you can imagine what she s like when Caleb and his glistening muscles and his whip not joking rides into her life literally, on a stallion after saving her from a bear Yeah.
that happens.
It doesn t help that she also had to attend Dangers of Boys and Men seminars Um, yeah that happens too So I can let her off in that respect, albeit a little reluctantly Because she has an excuse.
What she doesn t have an excuse for is sashaying around NEverland the underground hovel in her skimpy clothes and wondering why the boys who have nEver seen a girl either are ogling at her goodies and then getting her kecks in a twist about it Woman, just put a fleece on or something And neither does she have an excuse for going on about how amazing her best friends are were Um, well if they re so fun and amazing and always there for you Even if you are annoying, then why did you leave them to get Atwood ed Eh Also, you re a reet Moaning Minnie.
But other than that.
Best Friend.
I feel really sorry for Eve s friends They seem really sweet, funny and very patient with Eve s AFP ways One of them also sings my second favourite Beatles song in the shower So that s also fine But yeah I m hoping Pip and Ruby getair time in the other books because they were great and grossly under used I also am hankering for a show down between them where they just beat Eve with a stick for leaving them high and dry and getting distracted by abs instead of helping them Also, major love for Arden She is rebellious and prickly and has a personality and cut her hair short because she doesn t care what people think of her I also thought that she was going to be the obstacle between Eve and Caleb s undying love because she perved at him when she first saw him And I got all excited because it s farlikely for two girls to fight over a boy than two boys over a girl And I thought Wow, that s different and exciting and unique.
But before I could say CATFIGHT it was made clear that Caleb only has eyes for Eve So that was the end of that.
Love Interest.
It s difficult to not to swoon over a boy like Caleb He s ripped as anything, he walks around topless, he has edgy and unique hair, he s sweet, he doesn t gawk at Eve s boobs and he s a bit feral Perfect guy, right Well.
You know when someone tells you not to think of something and all you can do is think of that thing This is how I pictured Caleb Now, don t get me wrong I love Rufio as much as the next girl and what happens to him always shocks me because I have selective memory with things like that and I pretend it doesn t happen But bringer of the swoon he is not.
Caleb has potential to dEvelop into a BotS in future books if he drops the ball and chain Off a cliff.
Also, unlike Eve, whose too polite and in love with you and describes your smell as earthy and smokey and charcoaly , I am not polite and in love with you so I substituted these pleasant adjective with my own phrase gross boy smell Which islikely because you ve been living underground with other smelly boys for years.
Also, it made these descriptions HILARIOUS His gaze traced the lines of my mouth, his eyes finally settling on mine His breath filled my ears and I smelled the charcoal gross boy smell again as I leaned closer See Baddie.
Hmm I m reluctant to put Lief in this category because I m guessing he s going to swagger into the above category as the series continues But yeah, he s a massive douchebag and he can t control his animal urges but he also has issues and a sensitive side.
And he s totally smokin.
Also we have the King But we didn t find much about him, except that he must have Eve And then we have THE PLAGUE But unless I missed the part that explains anything about what this PLAGUE is or why it killed 98% of the world s population we re going to have to wait for book two to find out about this.
I m still holding out for the 98% of the world s population to suddenly re animate and eat Everyone And when I say Everyone I mostly mean Eve, because I was fond of all the other characters Theme Tune Dear Eve,This song is for you,Best Wishes,Everybody in New America Also, this song is for Caleb to serenade Eve with when she realises she actually does fancy the hottie with the frisky hands in future books This song is the only instant where love triangles are fun And I think Caleb would suit one of those chunky knits.
But I have a feeling that those aren t diamonds in his pocket Angst LEvel.
5 10 The reason why Eve escaped from school is really grim and terrifying to think of But apart from that and the occasional Handy McGrabby boy, this book is pretty tame in the angst section.
There are many pages where we get Eve whinging about the repercussions of the situations she got herself into And, of course, boy angst Because she s stoopid Recommended for.
People who have hope that some series get better as they go on People who love dystopian fiction in all its oppressive ways People who Ever thought You know what I wish this story hadboys who don t know the meaning of look don t touch about Peter Pan People who don t read the word plague and automatically get excited over the prospect of potential zombies People who think Rufio has some kind of, allure People who are going to have to watch Hook so they can make an informed decision I received a copy of this book from the publishers, it will be available to buy later this year You can read this review and a loadexciting stuff of my blog here.
well, this is very telling.
i came over here to write the review for this book, and realized i couldn t find my copy of it no worries, i thought, i will just write the review from my recollections of the text without using any quotes or anything crickets.
it s not that i don t have any memories of it i do innocence, arden, breeding, bear, radio, wild boys, freckles, pantry, bridge, love.
there that s a review, right the book is fine, it just suffers from being ONE MORE in an already crazy long line of books just like it and i think this is the kind of book elizabeth was talking about the other day when she said YA exhausts her because she is tired of reading another cheesy teen love story, just with different scenery or something she said it better i forget where i just went looking for it, and ended up getting distracted by new reviews and comments and then remembered oh, yeah, i am supposed to be writing a book review.
so you see how into writing this review i am.
i thought it started out fine the book, not the review that was a disaster from the get go i liked the premise Even though i don t totally buy the character so Eve has been sheltered in her girl coccoon, friend to all, golden child, star pupil, ace reporter, and then just out of the clear blue sky, because some teen rebel tells her something shocking, yes, but something that goes against Everything Eve knows, she s just gonna break one of the most fundamental rules and go stumbling across the water Even though she can t Even swim, putting herself in danger just on the strength of a quick convo with a chick she doesn t Even like it just seems like someone indoctrinated into that world would be less investigative, you know but i guess that is part of what makes Eve SPECIAL but she s not not really i personally am tired of selfishness being passed off as na vet Eve is not a heroine she is the main protagonist, but she has no honor so many people come to bad ends because of her actions, and she is just swanning through the wreckage, unscathed, in her rEvealing clothing cooing, what are these boys and why are they all looking at me backtrack Eve has been raised in an all girl environment, been told that men are all horrible rapists and that once she gets her shiny education, she will go to the golden land and live a life of academic bliss and personal happiness but that s a lie, and after all the intensive schooling, all these girls are just going to be strapped to a bed and forced to make baby after baby for the brave new world.
wait so why are they trained so well it s not as though these girls are going to be raising their babies and passing along this education, so no one is going to benefit from this schooling at all seems a waste of time and resources.
so whatEver Eve escapes, leaving behind her closest friends, not warning them that they are about to become baby machines, hot on the heels of teen rebel arden who told her the truth in the first place of course they are going to somehow meet up in the great wide world and of course there are going to be boys.
so Eve gets rescued from a bear oooooh, cuddly by a dreadlocked boy on a stallion, and he takes her back to his little lost boys enclave, where the younger boys crouch at her feet and learn how to read, and the older boys stifle their lust, with varying degrees of success.
because this is a YA novel, we will not be picky about the realty of this situation dirty boys, living in the wilderness, with no former dealings with women are probably not going to be standing on ceremony here i think it would have gotten uglier in a real world situation but not here here it is a relatively safe place where only one boy loses his self control and another boy gets to experience troo love.
and Eve gets to ruin a fewlives.
later, she will do something else stupid FOR LOOOOVE and ruin a fewirrevocably.
and we aren t going to talk about how adaptable Eve seems to be, from being told for 18 years that all men are bad to only showing a little bit of initial fear that is pretty quickly sloughed off as she takes charge and falls into insta love.
but she has to keep running, because the king wants to put his own personal baby in her because she is the most beautiful and the most dumb and the ending oh, dear it is the most abrupt ending in the history of books i am going to avoid spoilers but it s like oh, wait, what really but i love you oh, okay, whatEver see ya end book.
i know i kind of trashed the book here, but it is not the worst thing i have read i was interested enough to keep reading, and the concept was good, if some of the world building elements were far fetched and counterintuitive but it is fun and quick, and who needs plausibility, right