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ã Read Û Confessions of a D-List Supervillain by Jim Bernheimer Ð Jim Bernheimer has constructed a marvelously demented reality in Confessions of a D List Supervillian This is a world where Bugs have taken over human will, the Olympian Gods are superheroes, and one snarky, somewhat geeky villain is the only person left to save the world Calvin Stringer, a.
a Mechani Cal is a villain on the level of Joss Whedon s Dr Horrible Everything he does seems to work almost At odds with a super hero named Ultraweapon, Cal takes on the Olympians, the bugs, a dinosaur or two, and the love of his life in the person of Greek Goddess Aphrodite.
This story is tightly written and a fun read that is hard to put down once started There are parts that are laugh out loud funny I highly recommend it.
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com book revi It s books like this that made me get back into writing.
A day later and my mind is still running through the story I m still riding the emotional high off this book and can t stop talking and thinking about it Bernheimer has created something amazing here with this book The characters are believeable, frustratingly so in some cases Each character behaves as you expect them too and no one ever goes outside their character They all evolve over the story, and their interactions drive the story as much, if not , than the action itself Most of what I will remember from this book, and the reason I will read it again, are the character interactions They are gripping, engaging, and everything you d expect from a good book.
Then there s the action, which is fast paced with just the right amount of description The only time that I found it lacking was in the final battle where it felt like it got glazed over But at that point, the final battle wasn t the point of the story I found, but rather the character interactions and thought patterns instead, so the story didn t lag from it The action is also spread out over the novel well and keeps the pace of the story up.
But the thing I want to talk about that gripped me the most about this story is Cal If you were ever an outsider in school, ever a nerd, ever felt that you didnt have a chance in the world due to the popular kids , you ll relate to Cal There were parts of this book that had me pacing my living room talking to my girlfriend about the storyline as I found it touching parts of my childhood that I hadn t thought about in years The frustration, waiting for the other shoe to drop when I had thought it was all going to go great, and losing something I had wished I had had than anything There is a little of Cal s story in all of us, not to mention a fundimental storyline that anyone can relate to He doesn t have super powers, he just has talent and skill And yet, he still makes it work Bernheimer hits on many things that a lot of fans of Superheros have likely delt with in their past, and it helps to engage the reader and the story is better because of it.
Again, it s books like this that brought me back into writing again I honestly can t recommend this book enough I think every one of my friends has heard me recommend it to them, superhero fans or not There is something in this for everyone, and it truely is a wonderful story and one I will definatly be reading again and again.
A book I want to talk about I have been neglectful of this site and downright lazy when it comes to writing reviews but in all honesty, most everything I have read lately has not aroused my need to record how I felt I read alot of books, a great deal than I remember to list here, which sucks, as at times I forget if I have read something, something by a particular author, or how I felt about a book which might be continuing as a series In those cases, I pop on here and glance at one of my old reviews Goodreads has become my memory keeper I feel comfortable writing reviews again, and since I m being honest, I ll just mention that I m once again writing reviews for myself I am afraid I was previously writing for other people or out of concern with what people would walk away with after reading, and I was never very comfortable with that I have never cared much for summing up a plotline but I am comfortable with throwing everything out and rambling Most of my favorite books have ended with poorly written reviews, as I am a horrible critic and analyst, but I am passionate when it comes to books I enjoy and when I read one of my reviews about a book I loved, then a smidgen of that passion I originally felt returns Which is what I want to feel if I ever return to this review I loved this book and I m than slightly surprised to admit so Fans of underdogs will be satisfied I am a superhero fan but have not extensively explored much of the fiction out there outside of gns There seems to be a wonderful new trend at least new to me involving stories from the antihero villain point of view, which than peaks my interest, and this happened to be the first book I gambled on I read it in one sitting and wished for the damn thing to be longer I loved the main character and overall disliked each of the others Mostly, I think this was intentional, yet my feelings were the same at the end, which was likely unintended There is a whole lot that takes place and the book contains some of my favorite action scenes ever read This is not grand literature It is total escapist fiction but it was just what I needed I ve been moaning all week about my Misfits withdrawals and I badly wanted to read a superhero book about someone who was rather bad at the job but loveable in a desperate and defeatist manner Did I already say how much I loved the main character The book was rather tame compared to most of what I read It was not violently graphic and there were no sex scenes My attention was held simply because I loved the main character so much And the end was wonderful, even if I think Cal view spoiler should have blown Stacy off hide spoiler I am so glad my husband suggested I read this one Once upon a time Calvin Stringel was a promising young mechanical engineer After getting burned by employer, and several bad decisions and years later he is now known as the modest supervillian MechaniCAL Only now the world finds itself being taken over by parasitic mind controlling bugs and because of his metal suit, Cal seems to be one of the few people unaffected After managing to save an A list superheroine and enough of her friends to save the world, life is turned upside down for Cal Suddenly he s one of the good guys and when it comes to everyday choices between good and evil, it s harder for Cal to come down on the right side of the line Add in another super who s carrying a major grudge and a complicated relationship with a super hottie and this entertaining little gem will keep you engaged through to the fake out ending.
My husband was offended when I compared this to Dr Horrible, but if you ve got a soft spot for villians who aren t so much evil as a little bruised, you ll like this book.
I ll be honest, my expectations were not high with this title It seemed like it would be funny and different I m glad I gave it a shot because I was pleasantly surprised by this book The book tracks a second rate super villain named Mechani Cal navigating his way through an accidental apocalypse where some Super Villain s mind control bugs escape and enslave the human population Cal winds up saving the world.
Cal goes through a nice story arc, from the hapless second rate villain, to hero, to ambiguous awesome guy The nice thing is, Cal never loses that Villain edge, always gassing rioters, applying a bit too much force, and forcing prisoners to listen to Biz Markie s Just a friend for hours and hours on a loop Ultimately this book is very funny, and very fun You really come to care for Cal, even if he is a little evil, and doesn t take shit from anyone One thing I really liked was the saving the world did not constitute the ending, Cal then has to deal with the aftermath of politics, fallout and general BS that is involved with an event this huge This really made the story feel real and human super human to me.
If you are looking for something fun, not too serious and want to laugh while reading some pulpy fun, I highly suggest this book It definitely does not reach Piers Anthony or Terry Pratchett levels of campy goofiness, but it has its funny moments, and tells a great story along the way.
I look forward to from this author in the future.

So even though this book is listed as 2 it s actually the first book published in 2011 , so I read it first based on that, and then I read the 2nd book, really the first after that the prequel I know it s confusing and for a moment I thought I read them out of order, which I didn t but sort of did as well.
Annnnyways, this one shows it s first book colors in the sense that it feels like a rough draft in parts and is not as polished as what came after Besides being the weaker of the two books, I knew I was in for it only a few pages in, when the main character, Cal Stringer, bitterly reflects on how come all the women he changed tires for or tutored didn t sleep with him, and what a nice guy he was So I just rolled my eyes to myself and continued on.
Described as slightly pudgy, smelly, with bad acne and stringy hair, somehow Cal manages to land two of the most beautiful women in the world in the course of this book, because they see that underneath the armor or role as evil villain, he s a nice guy So I vomited to myself through all these parts and there are many the author cannot write women worth a damn, and the tendency to tell us how funny Cal is falls flat when you never see him say anything really funny beyond bad puns and puerile comebacks I think this book falls under teenage boy wish fulfillment fantasy than anything else, with a strange serial feel I especially thought it gross the rape scene that turned into a sex tape joke that the main character still never took serious The idea behind it all point of view from a second string villain in a world populated by heroes is great but fell definitely flat in execution.
When Jim Bernheimer, the author, approached me for a review of this book, I wasn t all that interested I was interested in his short story book Horror, Heroes and Humor cause it had zombie stories So, I read the Horror, Heroes and Humor book first, which incidentally, had a novella titled Confessions of a D Class Supervillain That novella was great great great After finishing the novella, I hurried to the Confessions book Bernheimer made a few changes to the end of the novella so that the story would continue The story is about Calvin Stringel, or rather, Mechani Cal, a down in his luck low rate super villain The world has been taken over by genetically enhanced bugs that makes everyone slaves of their bug juice, and what does our clever and valiant super villain do He runs You bet he does That is until he is force to fight or become a salve There starts Cal s adventures As a character, Cal is very well developed We see character growth or really the rediscovering of his character even if its such a short book The supporting characters are also well described and introduced The dialogue and banter are rather witty and I found myself laughing out loud than once.
This is quite an entertaining book and I highly recommend it.
Best Superhero Book Available Right NowI bought the hardback book direct from the author at the CarolinaCon a couple years back for the boyfriend read it before handing it over just to make certain it was good Story has stuck with me and I borrowed it back last year to reread.
And I just bought the Kindle version and reread it this year.
I have been reading through a lot of the superhero stories on the market recently Jim s story is by far the best, and I believe was the story which reactivated this genre superhero novel.
Could the book use a little editing it is self published A content editor would have smoothed out a few of the bumps, but that would have also make the book less snarky The book is snarky awesome.
Best part of the book The character development of the main character and his love interest Confessions of a D List Supervillian isn t just moving from one battle to the next, but having the characters grow, change and become better people.
This was a fun superhero story It was packed with action, humor, and interesting characters It also had plenty of cool superpowers and sci fi technology The world was a fun one and the story itself was engaging We followed the story of Cal Stringel, a D list supervillain going by the name Mani Cals, as he finally catches a break The world is about to fall to the hive mind after the Evil Overlord s latest attempt at world domination hit a snag He released a bunch of bugs that mind control people but they got out of control and turned on their own master With most of the world and its premier superheroes already fallen to the hive mind it is left to Cal to save the dayor join the hive mind The story was quite fun Cal avoided the mind control bugs due to being encased in his super suit of armour He is basically a poor imitation of the worlds premier superhero Ultraweapon Both are Iron Man style heroes villains Cal was a reluctant hero who, due to his past, had a dim view of superheroes and the way they do things He also had a few villainous tendencies that made them wary of him in return After saving one of the famous Olympians he joins with them and attempts to help save the day Afterwards he tried to make a go of being a superhero Cal was always easy to root for despite the fact that he was not your typical hero The world was a fairly cynical one, which was great, as Bernheimer was not shy of showing the fact that the superheroes were far from perfect in the way they got things done It made for an engaging story If this story had a flaw it was the slight taint of misogyny and the fact that the only really fleshed out secondary characters were the two love interests Despite the fact that this was the first book in the D List Supervillain series it was not my introduction to the series I read the prequel novel Origins of a D List Supervillain as Audible listed that as first in the series Weirdly I felt like both books worked well as an intro to the series The only problem with starting with Origins is that it was a slightly better book The story in the prequel is just a bit stronger and emotionally engaging than what we got here and the secondary characters were a lot fleshed out The difference was not massive as this was still a good read but I do think Origins was the slightly better intro to the series Bernheimer used a lot of the stuff mentioned in this one for the prequel and it is amazing to see how he managed to carve out such a great story from the stuff that inspired them in this one After reading the prequel the biggest shock in this book was the fact that Cal was working with the superheroes It worked and felt like Cal had definitely grown a bit as a character without completely changing who he was All in all I felt like this was a fun read and one of the better superhero books on the market It is not without its flaws but still manages to be engaging and enjoyable despite them I ll be reading from this world for sure.
Rating 3.
5 stars I m rounding up as I nearly rated this the full 4 stars anyway Audio Note Most of this was narrated by Jeffrey Kafer He did a great job and this is exactly the sort of story that plays to his strengths as a narrator Talmadge Ragan had a lesser role as she voiced a couple of small POV from one of the main female characters and I felt she did OK without ever being as good as Kaffer with the humor.
Being A Supervillain Means Never Having To Say You Re Sorry Unless It S To The Judge Or The Parole Board Even Then, You Don T Really Have To It S Not Like It S Going To Change The Outcome Or Anything Those Are The Words Of Calvin Matthew Stringel, Better Known As Mechani Cal He S A Sarcastic, Down On His Luck Ard Villain Follow His Exploits As He Gets Swept Up In A World Domination Scheme Gone Wrong And Ends Up Working For This Weak Willed, Mercy Loving Heroes Immerse Yourself In His Epic Battles And See What It S Like To Be An Outsider Looking In At A World That Few Have Ever ExperiencedClimb Into Cal S Battlesuit And Join Him On His Journey Will He Avoid Selling Out His Principles For A Paycheck And A Pardon Can He Resist The Camaraderie Of Being On A Super Team Does He Fall Prey To The Ample Charms Of The Beautiful Olympian Aphrodite How Will He Survive The Jealous Schemes Of Ultraweapon, Who Wears Armor So Powerful It Makes Cal S Look Like A Museum Piece See The World Of Righteous Do Gooders Through The Eyes Of Someone Who Doesn T Particularly Care For ThemAnd Remember Losing An Argument With A Group Of Rioters Isn T A Good Excuse To Start Lobbing Tear Gas Indiscriminately At Them You Ve Only Got So Many Rounds And It S Going To Be A Long Day, So Make Sure You Get As Many As Possible With Each One