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[Steven A. Segal] Ð Celines Landing [shonen PDF] Read Online á I won this book through Goodreads I am choosing not to finish reading this book so I won t be giving it a rating.
My reasons for not finishing the book 1 In the first chapter there is a conversation between naval officers, which sounds appropriate for the characters In the next chapter the author has a group of eight year old children speaking the same way This didn t ring true to me.
2 The author continually drops out of the narrative to give historical explanations If the background information can t be woven into the narrative, maybe it doesn t need to be there at all The author s approach made the story to choppy for me to enjoy.
Celine s Landing which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is an action packed blend of history and fiction during WWII when the French Resistance fought against overwhelming odds to win back their dignity, freedom and liberty from the evil of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime The story opens in the French Alpine village of Treaire where after WWI five boys and a girl are born within twelve months of each other, becoming lifelong friends With the Nazi invasion of France in the 1940 s, the collaboration of Premier Philippe P tain and the creation of a national police force of bullies and thugs that threatens French Jews and civilians, a resistance grows even in Treaire Remi, Celine, Amaury, Felicien, Daniel and Alexis form the Tristan Freedom Fighters who are extremely successful in their raids against German installations in their area, much to the chagrin of the Nazi authorities With the murder of the German Commandant in the Southern District for not preventing the attacks, General Horst Hofstetter is appointed and with the assistance of the French Milice, brings terror and death to Treaire and the surrounding area sending the Resistance Fighters into hiding after a failed mission and one of the friends to England to learn sabotage tactics With the order to roundup French Jews and the decline of German supremacy in Italy threatening the Saint Laurnee passage through the Alps, the Tristan Freedom Fighters re emerge taking control of Nazi radio communications, hiding their Jewish neighbours and taking command of the German headquarters at Falauge , protecting the railway trestle and bridge from Nazi destruction until General Alexander Patch s 7th US Army can take over This is a story of love, friendship, and bravery as the Tristan , the code name for a small band of six lifelong friends pledge their lives in defending their country, the citizenry in the French Alpine countryside from Nazi aggression.
This powerfully intoxicating plot is set in the Alpine village of Treaire where the Nazis have begun rationing food, petrol, fertilizer and even water In retaliation against the abuses of the German war machine, six friends have band together to undermine their control in the area, unleashing their own reign of terror against Nazi military installations, disrupting supply lines that support Hitler s troops, and annihilating Milice thugs and German bullies With clever precision and based on historical fact, Steven A Segal has created a hard hitting and emotionally charged thriller that looks at the devastation of Nazi evil and the resistance that gave life to a dream to free France from its domination The high intensity and drama is often diluted by the wit and humor like that of Felicien, while there are painful moments when death stalks a gentle bear like Alexis Celine Rousseau, her husband Remi and their friends have a strong passion for liberating France from the German invaders and are irreversibly changed by the crushing demands of war Celine becomes tough, demanding , cold and uncompromising with her training in England and in the struggle, losing her youthful optimism, innocence and dreams in the death and destruction Her love mate and confidant Remi Rousseau is a natural leader who s confident, determined and brave Of their friends the wealthy Amaury Cheever is sophisticated, educated and charming Alexis Beavais strong, loveable, kind and protective Felicien Naffis carefree and flippant and Daniel Laurent, a clever but cynical perfectionist Doctor Gasper Chabot the reclusive scientist who joins forces with the Tristan is fearless, eccentric, and brilliant.
Of the Nazis integral to this story Colonel Andreas Justus Nussbaum III is obnoxious, greedy and self centered A man with a waning fortune who likes the good life and hates the tyrannical butchers in the German government kow tows to authority to get ahead, compromising his moral values to line his pockets Yet in his confrontation with the Resistance he comes to admire, he changes after he escapes France Colonel Wilhelm Auchenbach represents many in the Nazi leadership He s narcissistic, cold, heartless and cruel a rapist who uses his authority to harass and humiliate All of these personalities and manyadd to the power, passion and drama of a story that brings reality to events that kept a country in bondage until freed not just by the military efforts of the Allies but by the courage of French Resistance.
This is a high energy, well developed and captivating story you can t put down I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.
Celine S Youth Is Blissfully Happy, Growing Up In The Magnificent Alpine Wonderland Surrounding Her Picturesque Village Of Treaire, France She, And Five Devoted Friends, Remi, Amaury, Felicien, Alexis, And Daniel All Born Within Twelve Days Of Each Other, Form A Uniquely Close Bond Of Unity They Label The FriendsRespected As The Group S Surrogate Sister, Celine Is Not Only Able To Keep Up But Often Sets A Physical Pace Challenging To The Boys As The Friends Grow Mature, Celine And Remi Develop A Deep Love And Marry In The Spring Of Within Weeks Of Their Marriage France Surrenders To Hitler S Nazis And The German Army Begins Its Infiltration Of The Countryside Surrounding Treaire Remi And Celine, Disgusted With The Abusive Treatment By The Nazi Oppressors Recruit The Friends Into A Paramilitary Resistance Cell They Name The TristanCeline Is Smuggled Out Of France To Be Trained In Para Military Techniques At A Facility Run By The British And American Commandos In England Her Natural Physical Ability Allows Her To Excel In The Training She Is One Of The Best Students Ever To Pass Through The Training Program, But TheMonth In Training Changes Her Her Youthful Innocence Is Gone When She Returns To Remi Their Relationship Must Find New Unity As She Trains Remi And The Rest Of The Friends Into One Of The Most Devastating Resistance Cells In All Of Nazi Occupied EuropeWith The Assistance Of The Reclusive And Brilliant Scientist Gasper Chabot, The Tristan Attack The Nazis In Southern France With Devastating Success Despite Their Cleverness And Good Fortune, The Power Of The Nazi Presence Is Relentless After Months Of Struggle, The Friends Only Hope For Survival Is If General Alexander Patch S Th US Army Can Battle Their Way To Their Aid As They, And A Small Band Of Jews, Defend The Strategic Falauge Rail Depot And Its Critical Train Trestle Over The Saint Laurnee Passage I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway.
The premise for the book is very interesting, but the execution is not I had a lot of trouble getting through this story because I just couldn t care about the characters The dialogue was unnatural and both the dialogue and narration suffered from telling about the plot and characters, not showing through actions Often the narration would get sidetracked with long sections introducing and concluding characters In all cases, especially at the end, it was unnecessary and took away from the main narrative.
The resistance group kind of felt like a single character While the author tried to distinguish them, their language was all the same and the differences were told to the reader, but even Celine, who was a focal point to the group being one of the only women in the book, and the only one who took upthan a couple of pages, seemed to be the same as the rest of the resistance group.
Then there were the Nazis They seemed to fall into three character types, bumbling soldiers, psychopathic officers and ambitious officers who do not care about the war All of the officers seemed to believe the war was a bad idea and the Germans were going to lose the war Oh, and it was easy to tell the actual evil ones, because they all established themselves as evil by threatening sexual violence against women I m not entirely sure there was a female character who wasn t threatened with rape at one point or another.
The only characters I actually cared about were the Germans Laufer and Muntz who lead the Germans on their final altercation with the Tristan By this point, many of the bad habits seen throughout the book were dropped and these two who only appear in the last pages of the book, were the most developed characters In the final conflict, I was cheering for them, even though they were the Germans at the end of the war and obviously weren t going to win On that note, the book should have ended after that event, because the conclusion and epilogue were painfully clich and completely unnecessary I understand the want to tie up loose ends, but sometimes it just takes away from the story.
This author has potential, but also has a lot of bad habits An aggressive editor would significantly help the story, better maintain flow, and tone down the language when it is too lofty for the setting When I received this book, there was an add for another of his books, and again, the premise sounds wonderful, but I would strongly hesitate to pick it up because of how little I liked the writing style.
Celine s Landing is a very engaging historical fiction.
It takes place in the early 1940 s in a small village in Southern France during the Nazi occupation.
Celine and her friends Remi,Amaury,Felicien,Daniel and Alexis were born within 12 days of each other.
They grew up to be a very close knit group,completely devoted to each other and referring to themselves as the friends.
After the surrender of France and during the Nazi occupation of their country the friends become fed up with the daily humiliations and violence and decide to fight back.
They form the Tristan Freedom Fighters and become a highly effective Resistance group.
The Tristan is a very brave group of young people dedicated to each other and their country and ready to fight and die for freedom and liberty.
Celine s Landing is very detailed and descriptive with very well developed characters.
I highly recommend it.
This is the story of six twenty something, life long friends who form an effective resistance cell in southern France during the Nazi occupation in WWII Inspired by their strong love of country and sense of calling to fight injustice, they put their childhood play of war games to practical use to hinder the German however they can Ever mindful of the dangers they face, they nevertheless link up to the larger resistance organization and receive training and supplies from American and British leaders Loss of some of their companions and the necessary desensitization to killing another human being change them all, but they continually agree that to stop fight evil is impossible for them The book has an intriguing, complex storyline that kept me rapidly reading to see what would happen next There were quite a few surprises The writing was well done The book appears to have been independently published Although there were spelling errors that weren t caught by Spellcheck like allies for alleys and sight for site ,there weren t anythan I have found in books from big publishing houses There was, however, a problem with the printing itself the odd numbered pages all had a small spot where the print brushed off, leaving a 4 letter size gap I don t know if this was just my book or not It wasn t hard to guess the missing letters, but it was annoying I received this book in a FirstReads giveaway, but the opinions expressed are solely mine.
Goodreads Giveaway win.
I really enjoyed this book The only thing I had trouble with was the beginning It was a little slow because at that point the author was giving us a bunch of setting and background information But once I got past that it was very riveting and exciting So to all people who want to read this book, just get through the beginning and you are going to love the rest of the book.
The book felt well researched and the setting really felt historical The characters were very realistic and believable, exactly the villains that you would expect from a time like that I found myself really rooting for the main characters as well because they were just so awesome.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read historical fiction, especially set during World War II.

So engaging of a read, the bravery of long time friends who turned into a band of Resistance fighters Here the story starts around the early 1940 s in a small village in France Now with the Nazi occupation of their country, these band of friends battle it out with the Nazi s I could feel the energy and the confrontation So descriptive and visually inviting, the author managed to transcend it through his words I completely adore all the characters in this book, they were honest to goodness people who laid down their lives for their country I won this wonderful book on Goodreads, First read Giveaway Thank you, Darlene Cruz While the Second World War ravaged France the Nazis were preparing to annihilate the Jewish community living in the French Alps Six young people who had been born within 10 days of each other and had become life long friends decided to become Resistance fighters and risk everything to save their Jewish neighbors The lengths they go to shows the bravery and dedication of the Resistance fighters in their struggle against tyranny A good read.
I won this book through goodreads first reads.
I love historical fiction and I m a huge francophile, so this book should have been a huge hit with me Butjustno.
The basic premise six friends born within days of each other, having grown up inserperable form a resistance group in the south of France, while a little corny, works In theory The execution, in this case, doesn t.
One would think that the mere concept WWII, French resistance group, you know, the basics would provide enough drama for a person But apparently not in this case, because someone seemed to have felt that the writing needed be ridiculously over the top melodramatic Seriously, end your chapter with a sentence like And thus ended another night of exciting activities for the resistance group name in your rough draft if you must, but that sort of thing needs to be the first thing to go when you start editing unless you re writing some sort of Dudley Do Right spoof.
Then there was the problem with the tangents Major secondary characters come and go, as one would expect with a book covering several years But every time after one of these characters last scene they would get their own one or two page epilogue tracing what happened to them for the rest of their life literally One Nazi officer makes an escape to South America, and we re taken directly from the action of the resistance group helping him sneak out in exchange for him not giving his COs everything he knows about them, to hearing about how he ended up in Brazil and married a German Jew who escaped and ran a successful laundromat franchise One, way to bring the action to a screeching halt and two, who cares We ve known this guy for all of, like, seventy five pages, and he s been the villain,andhe s a freaking Nazi Nobody wants to hear about how he made good, even if he did disagree with Hitler s Final Solution this also seems like the right time to bring up the in this case minor point that the concept of show, don t tell doesn t seem to have been introduced to anyone involved with this publishing of this book The characters are all caricatures painted in extremes by description, but with bland voices that are impossible to differentiate Of course, it doesn t help that all the boys love Celinewho is the only female character to getthan a couple of paragraphs of attention Of course, she s perfect When you re the only girl for pages around you have to be Ugh Bechdel fail.
And then there s the plot holes and anachronisms Initially the resistance group calls itself the Tristan privately but is known to absolutely everyone outside the group as the Friends of France About a quarter of the way through the second name disappears and suddenly the Nazi officer trying to hunt the group down not only knows the name they only go by amongst themselves even though it is explicitly stated that even the spy the Nazis coerced into talking never knew the group as anything but the public name he also knows how they chose it Really Six people on the planet know that name, you kill two of them and have never spoken tortured the other four but you can do a little research at the library and figure it out Really In the immortal words of Grumpy Catno.
Similarly, I don t know how common the use of the word crap was in southern France in the 1940s, but it s sudden constant appearance in the last third or so made it feel out of place and too modern.
I also had a big problem with the use of rape in the book We re all adults here, it s war, and we all know that among all the other horrific things they did the Nazis were raping every chance they got The fact is, rape is a major subject that needs to be handled carefully, even and perhaps especially in a book where that sort of thing fits, for lack of a better word Here it s used as a convenient plot device mainly used to tell again, not show us about male characters In one case the victim is scarcely referenced at all, in the other attraction and admiration are turned to rage and thoughts of violence when the man is shown where his weakness lies I found it, quite frankly, disgusting and offensive.
The final nail in the coffin was the ending Pull out every cliche you can think of for the war story revolution general uprising and resistance genre and it s in here, right down to the final epilogue years later where almost everyone is dead but there s a little boy who s just like his noble daddy reincarnated and named after him too and totally the only reason his mom goes on living because heaven forbid she find purpose and meaning for herself after the all the boys who spent the book fawning over her are gone.
Long story shortno Justno.