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[Jennifer Campbell] ò Allison's Training [music PDF] Read Online ¿ I ll never understand how people would WANT to be turned into an animal, but its obvious some love it This is also one with human milking, but thankfully not the consumption of itkinda fell off at the end, but overall an ok read Nick Invites Allison To Spend A Weekend At His Family S Horse Farm, But When They, Things Are Not As Allison Thought They Would Be, As She Is Seized And Disrobed By The Strong Farmhands And Nick Doesn T Lift A Finger To Stop Them What Lies In Store For Flaxen Haired Allison At Laughlin Farm, And Can She Find The Inner Strength To Survive It After reading the book, I knew I had problems with it, but I still liked it, mainly because of the premise Finding good pony books isn t easy, as I ve found out, which ends with so so ones being liked because they weren t awful, which is the case hereThe story line and how it played out, I m okay with that Allison, Nick, Bri, Jimmy, Owen, and Dan all end up as they should They understand why and the end results weren t surprisingThe biggest problem was the lack of connection between the characters and the lack of sex scenes Who would have thought a pony girl book would have fade to black or they have sex and now they are done Maybe that contributed to the lack of connection, because when the book started, there was sex and connection, then it ended once they got to the farmOverall, an okay read, but quickly forgettable Western I really had high hopes for this book based on reading some past reviews, but it ended up falling short of the mark for me for a couple of reasons The amount of humiliation degradation was seriously lacking throughout, making the sex scenes few of them that there were, that weren t attributed to self gratification seem very light weight There also didn t seem to be any sort of connection between any of the characters you could see that the author attempted to rectify this with devotions of love from various characters, but none of it really got any traction All of this being said, it still made for an enjoyable afternoon of reading.

Oh, I so wanted to read this book after reading the synopsis My submissive tendencies drew me to this book and I love a good non con, capture fantasy book What was there not to love about this book Here is my take I knocked this book down on two points First, there were some grammar issues, not bad, but a good editing would have helped Second, all of the good sexy scenes are simply told to us without ever feeling the heat, the anguish, the arousal, the pain, the love, the surrender Get it This story is told to us without engaging the reader at least not this reader I felt like I was reading a series of events and I never felt the sexual energy jump off the page It is an okay read, but didn t make my submissive meter overheat.
Thanks to William s review of this book, I decided to give it a try myself.
I am happy I did order it and read it, I like it a lot.
Nick and Allison are some time together and two days ago they had a big fight in a shopping mall After that he turns the roles in their relationship and he takes the lead She likes it.
He does it again on their drive to his family farm and although she likes to be in control she is getting a great feeling about him dominating her.
Just after arriving at the farm Allison finds out that she is not going to be back in the saddle, but under it as a mare And that Nick is not staying but leaving her there for a training to become a god mare She tries to escape, but against the three men holding her she can t do anything She is taken and turned into a mare But will she become a good one with her training For the answer on that you have to read the book If you are into this kind of stories, I am sure you would like it as much as I did.
I was surprised with the twists in this stories, but they fit in perfectly and make it even better.