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[Ariel Schrag] Ç Adam [biblical-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download Î When Adam Freedman A Skinny, Awkward, Inexperienced Teenager From Piedmont, California Goes To Stay With His Older Sister Casey In New York City, He Is Hopeful That His Life Is About To Change And It Sure Does It Is The Summer OfGay Marriage And Transgender Rightsare In The Air, And Casey Has Thrust Herself Into A Wild Lesbiansubculture Soon Adam Is Tagging Along To Underground Clubs, Where There Are Hot Older Women Everywhere He Turns It Takes Some Time For Him To Realize That Many In This New Crowd Assume He Is Trans A Boy Who Was Born A Girl Why Else Would This Baby Faced Guy Always Be Around Then Adam Meets Gillian, The Girl Of His Dreams But She Couldn T Possibly Be Interested In Him Unless Passing As A Trans Guy Might Actually Work In His FavorAriel Schrag S Scathingly Funny And Poignant Debut Novel Puts A Fresh Spin On Questions Of Love, Attraction, Self Definition, And What It Takes To Be At Home In Your Own Skin Relentlessly transphobic, which I found personally offensive as a trans person Gratuitous use of the r word for no reason at all many other, and less offensive, terms could have been used instead Misrepresentation of trans men as misogynistic, hypersexual, assholes or them being represented as being only this way Over usage of ugly to describe butch MOC women, emphasizing the expectation of all women to adhere to cisnormative, heteronormative standards of beauty I found this especially disappointing coming from a queer woman writer I don t care if this was supposed to be a reflection of an immature and unexperienced 17 year old boy, still unnecessary The main plot line follows a 17 year old boy pretending to be trans so that he can date a 22 year old queer woman because she s so beautiful and he s too scared to venture outside of his queer sister s social world and seek out straight women , lose his virginity, and be popular with his bros back home impress his best friend who is coming to visit him in New York I find this to be a particularly dangerous rhetoric in a time when anti transgender bathroom bills are backed by the idea that trans people are faking it in order to take advantage of women Here areof my thoughts about this gross book TRIGGER WARNINGS homophobia, transphobia, incestuous voyeurism, voyeurPerpetuates every wrong thing that society does to oppress minorities And don t say oh but they meant to do that to show just how bad it is NO If you wanted to show how bad it is, you don t do it like this You lay down the problem, you confront the problem, you fix the problem with yourself Not help your buddy watch your lesbian sister have sex with another woman and then watch with your friend NO That s deplorable and absolutely disrespectful And then pretending to be trans to get into a girl s pants JustHe gets the girl in the end despite her specifically saying she s a lesbian and doesn t like penises This just reinforces the idea that the cis white guy gets the girl and can change a lesbian s mind That doesn t happen in real life and it s really disrespectful towards lesbians Now guys are gonna read this or hear about it and think dude, I m gonna just go for it and keep sexually harassing this girl because my dick will change her mind Bottom line if you don t know how to write about being part of the LGBTQQIAP community in a respectable way, then you can fuck the fuck off.

if you heard that the writing was deplorable, insulting to your mom, lesbians, and trans folks to boot, you might want to know that it s also racist af i picked this up out of curiosity for what the buzz was all about but eventually lost a bunch of respect for myself for doing so, asandracist comments unfolded throughout the story it s kind of terrifying that it seems like i m the first reviewer to point them out on here.
from pretty much featuring all white characters in new york of all places to comments about weird asian pussies, the cracker lez who wrote this book has got her racism on lock from the get go, Adam pictures a hot redhead as the white girl he ll fall in love with in the white version of new york there s one chapter that opens up by describing what Adam sees in queens as he first arrives in new york and it s literally full of racist shit about black people it was weird to Adam that the whole civil rights movement had pretty much started over a fight to not have to sit in the back, and now the back was the only cool place to sit especially for black kids p 39 later on, he meets a black lesbian and the white author makes sure that a racist gesture is thrown in there what do you, Adam asked jackie jackie was butch, too, and black you re black, thought Adam p 187 we also even see the n word at one point i m sure our beloved author would just explain the advice imparted to her in her creative writing classes at columbia about just getting into her characters the thing with writing racist shit, bad white young adult fiction writers in denial, is that it s a bad move in every aspect and if at all attempted, should at least be in first person, rather than third, since that pretty much seals your place as our Racist Ass Narrator.
as a queer person who is kind of really interested in reading things that don t just feel like white people happily distributing white hegemony and flat out racism to my communities, i d avoid this book at all costs it s not worth the time you could have spent on anotherunabashedly young adult fiction novel, trust me.
An awful, repulsive, transphobic, mess.
I didn t have high expectations going into this, I ve had about enough of well intentioned cis opinions on trans people, but I was willing to give Schrag the benefit of the doubt And at first it seemed like it might actually not be that bad Yes, the protagonist is a terrible person, but the implication was that he would grow Yes, the trans people we see at the beginning of the novel were all one dimensional, self centered skater bros, but EVERY character was pretty terrible so it was just a minor annoyance.
But Adam does not grow He is just as much of a transphobe at the end of the book as at the beginning, viewing the trans bodies at Camp Trans as disgusting, and thinking of cis people as inherently biological And the reader is stuck in his head for the ENTIRE BOOK The use of Adam as an everyman protagonist implies that Schrag believes that the natural thought process of the reader is that trans people are illegitimate and gross While every character is awful, the trans people are awful in stereotypically transphobic ways The ONLY real trans woman character is an aggressive, domineering cheater The trans men are depicted as being perpetually adolescent and self obsessed.
Moving away from the trans milieu is seen as an act of maturity, for example Adam s sister s reaffirmation of herself as gay rather than queer at the end.
I am appalled that this book has been promoted as some great breakthrough in LGBT fiction, or YA fiction Schrag is clearly writing from intimate personal experience of the queer community she depicts, yes, and there are moments of uncomfortable and comic recognition in the first half of the book But ultimately it is not her identity that is at stake here, and not she that stands to lose from the, I would argue inevitable, misconceptions about trans lives that will follow from Adam s new exemplary status A warts and all portrayal of any in group is only courageous if the dominant portrayal of said group is improbably clear skinned For trans people, no such corpus of positive images exists women tend to exist as walk on punchlines, murder victims, predators, or at best vacuous agents of cis people s personal growth, while men don t exist at all For a cis author to shrug and claim, as Schrag has in interviews, that she is simply telling an honest story is to ignore the profound political and cultural implications involved in producing a heavily publicized authoritative portrayal of a vulnerable group to which one does not personally belong.
In other words, it s possible to debate how honest the depiction of the queer scene in Adam is But this is not the moment as transgender people are just beginning to crest the cultural horizon as actual people, not case studies or symbols for such a disingenuous defense of cis artistic license Should anyone doubt that misconceptions about trans people are being left entirely intact by this book, incidentally, I would point them to the headlines of many of the reviews Boys Will Be Boys And Sometimes Girls in the Miami Herald, for example.