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Trailer æ A Writers Love Story PDF by ä Robert E. Wacaster This was a good one It was a very good love story It wasn t too mushy and it wasn t hard It had a pretty good balance I think the best word to describe this one is endearing Plus there were some pretty good surprises The story is pretty fast paced, like the last Wacaster novel I read there was little down time in this one Which made this quite a quick read I liked the story itself Wacaster s humor really comes through in this one The characters were pretty good Katie, at times was a bit of a drama queen, and even a ditz But I think for the most part the characters were all believable I think we ve all known someone who is a bit ditsy even I ve had my ditsy moments Jill was a pretty good character, she was very level headed Given Katie s ups and down she needed a contrasting character I also liked Robert He was a bit of a loose cannon though, most of the surprises were things that he did I really liked this story I was able to connect with what the characters were going through I really liked the BMW part of the story you ll have to read it to find out The ending was also pretty good I thought the ending would happen a little earlier in the story, but it was a good way to end it I think had things happened differently I would have been disappointed with it.
After Finding Out The Man She Was Seeing Is Married, Katie Is Heartbroken But The Heartbreak Doesn T Last Long When A Best Selling Author Named Robert Walks Into Her Life He S Charming, Caring, And Seems To Be Everything She S Ever Dreamed Of In A Man But Does She Really Know Him And Can She Handle A Long Distance Relationship With Robert When He Has To Leave New York For California Can Katie And Robert Truly Find Happiness Together Or Will This Be Just Another Writer S Love Story Reviewed by ColanthaBook provided by the authororiginally posted at Romancing the BookThis book was intriguing from the title I was not sure how this book would be written, especially with the author s name being masculine However, as I started the story of Katie meeting Robert, I found this book very fast paced, and easy to read.
As I continued to see Robert in the first scenes having a short temper with the background characters, I found myself cringing because he wasn t a likable hero Heroes shouldn t be short with those who help him, such as taxi people, hairdressers, or shop people The hero should be charming with baggage Katie also was a bit flat, and one sided, but I preferred her to Robert I was able to read it completely, but the main characters just didn t seem likable and were flat The ending of the story definitely showed me that there was another book when they get together without much conflict.
The one character I really enjoyed was Katie s sister Jill She was feisty, had baggage and seemed real I know there is another book by the author that also tellsof Jill s story, but because I liked her so much, I felt she wasthe Heroine then Katie.
I liked the story, because it was corny and there wasn t much conflict other than the characters living in different cities But it could have better if Robert hadn t been a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde snapping at people, yet buying Katie and Jill gifts To me that made me cringe throughout the whole story However, it did have potential and would be willing to read the next book in the series as it does continue on.
A Writer s Love Story is a sweet romance between best selling author Robert Wacaster and his publisher s assistant, Katie Benson The quirkiness of the author, named for the hero, is seen throughout the love story as the hero sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind weekend romance.
The duo are soon separated She lives the east coast and he s on the west coast But they make the romance work Robert can t believe his luck that a woman as wonderful and caring as Katie could love him and Katie is afriad to open her heart after being hurt recently This light hearted and cheerful romance is sweet and has the perfect happy ending This is a very fast paced and smoothly written novel with a positive style and flair.
Recommend to those who love the happily ever after romance.
A Writers Love Story was written by Robert Wacaster What begins as a simple love story between Katie and Stewart is soon shown to become a dreaded relationship of convenience Until Katie meets Robert, she doesn t have the courage to face her love life But will he be the man of her dreams of is her boss correct in his astute assessment of the new man in her life As dates together bring them closer, the reader is left wondering if love can happen to an ordinary woman that most of us can relate to She has been burned She is mundane in appearance, no supermodel as many novels depict their characters nowadays, and most importantly she has a decent heart We find ourselves cheering for her in her quest for romance and a happy ending But as in life and all novels, the conflict and problems are just around the corner and when the two love birds find life catching up to them, will their passion for each other be able to outrun it If your itching for a feel good novel with a few bumps, this piece of writing from author, Robert Wacaster may be just what you are looking for Simple to read Easy flow of language and I would rate it for all audiences Reviewed By Amy BlackwelderMarch 21st, 2010http www.
blogspot,com A Writer s Love Story is a well balanced contemporary that has all the elements of a true romance The couple, a writer and his publisher s assistant, are realistic and genuine I loved experiencing everything from their whirl wind weekend to the evolving trials of their long distance relationship.
Written in an easy style, Mr Wacaster offers us a feel good story that is worth staying up all night to read We give it 5 Midnight Magic Girls

This is the story of Mr Impossible, Drama Baby, and Reality Check, three toddlers inhabiting the bodies of adults Within hours of meeting each other for the first time they are already calling each other by corny nicknames or generic Sweeties and Honeys No one ever gets called by their actual name, and there appears to be no reason for thiscomplex than they just can t seem to be bothered remembering what those names are I m thinking this is because they are completely shallow and self absorbed characters who spend the entire book talking about how shallow and self absorbed they are and how they don t mean to be shallow and self absorbed and how shallow and self absorbed are they compared to all the other shallow and self absorbed people they ve met in the past I think I may have just quoted a page or two almost verbatim in that sentence So they don t get names in this review.
This may be the stupidest book I ve ever read It has, without the slightest hint of a shadow of doubt, the all time stupidest characters I ve ever come across anywhere Mr Impossible walks past a secretary who looks a little depressedso he goes out and buys this stranger whose name he doesn t even know an 8,500 Tiffany watch to cheer her up What And this single, idiotic gesture completely sweeps Drama Baby off her feet and she is completely enraptured with this man she has just met, mere HOURS after discovering her last boyfriend was married with kids I m sorry, WHAT Where I come from, dropping eight grand on a women you ve exchanged three sentences with is neither sweet nor thoughtful it s creepy.
So then, to prove he s not creepy, Mr Impossible goes out the next day and buys Drama Baby s sister, Reality Check, a 53,000 custom designed BMW As, you know, everyone does when they want to convince a protective sibling that they re not just out to get into someone s pants.
I m sorry, but no Mr Impossible wrote a huge bestseller a year ago I will admit I don t know much about what kind of money that would bring in, but when you paint a picture of someone who was just getting by who writes one book and all of the sudden has the money to buy himself multiple cars, drop over 60,000 on a couple of strangers, fly all over the place first class, and still have piles of cash left overI m not buying it Maybe it s true, maybe it s not But it doesn t work here.
Then you have our two sweet, innocent, helpless girls Drama Baby is one of those females who just can t function without a man in her life see the part about being swept off her feet immediately after discovering the old boyfriend was married , and while Reality Check tries to act tough and protective she comes off as obnoxious and annoying The book was published in 2009, and while there is no evidence that it is set any earlier one, these women are apparently trying to live in the 50s or something For example Reality Check insists on continuing to use a film camera Do they even sell film any outside of specialty photography stores or something Drama Baby can t use her phone for anything beyond making calls In fact, she s not even sure if it has a camera Personally, I m pretty sure that by 2009 cameras were a pretty universal feature in cell phones Drama Baby also doesn t know her own email address She has to look it up every time she gives it to someone Drama Baby and Mr Impossible have to write down their cell numbers on sticky notes and then add the numbers to their phonesinstead of using the same method that even my grandparents use have one person call the other and then both people save the numbers in their contacts Not one of the three of them is capable of looking at their phone to see who s calling before they answer In particular, Drama Baby chooses to completely turn off her phone to avoid calls from one specific personrather than doing the obvious, logical thing and looking at the caller id and choosing not to answer that person s calls Neither Drama Baby nor Reality Check knows how to remove a license plate from a car In my opinion, this is unforgivable If you own a car, this should be something you know how to do at the VERY least The excuse of there was always a man around to do it for me which is actually used in the book is unacceptable Evenunacceptable is the fact that while these two women are in their late 20s and early 30s, they don t even try to figure it out No, they just call Mr Impossible who is three time zones away so that the big, wonderful, heroic, life saving man they met LITERALLY THREE DAYS EARLIER can tell them to go get a screwdriver and UNSCREW THE FREAKING SCREWS something I should hope they could figure out if they d looked at the plate for about three seconds Oh, but then we would lose out on the adorable little seen where our cute little women child Drama Baby gets confused because the only screwdriver they have is a phillips head and naturally the plate screws need a flat head so surely Mr Impossible has given them the wrong instructions, right And we would also miss out on Mr Impossible holding her hand and guiding her to a butter knife because OBVIOUSLY neither of these poor girls would have been capable of coming up with that on their own Honestly, this scene was absolutely disgusting While I have often wanted to throw a book at the wall, this marks the first time I have been angry enough to actually do it.
As I mentioned at the beginning, these people actlike toddlers than the adults they are supposed to be Drama Baby wanders around her life constantly looking up to DaddyI mean Mr Impossibleto make sure she s getting approval And if anything goes wrong, heaven help us, because we have to put up withof her whining She oversleeps Waaaaaaaaaaaah, she s going to miss her flight and never, ever, EVER see Mr Impossible again She has some champagne on the plane and gets rather tipsy Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Mr Impossible s going to dump her because she s not 100% perfect 100% of the time I don t think I could be in the same room with this girl in reality for 5 minutes before giving in to the urge to slap her.
Mr Impossible is no better, unless you consider acting like a 6 year old better Smashing through security gates with your car and egging the guardhouse just because you miss someone is the adult equivalent of throwing a tantrum and one would hope that someone in their 40s would have learned to control their emotions But like the indulged can do no wrong child of helicopter parents without personal lives, Mr Impossible gets patted on the head and consoled and finally gets his toy backI mean sees Drama Baby again Although really, there s not much of a difference.
To top it all off, I m not even sure how this book is supposed to be categorized At the front it has the standard this is a work of fiction, everyone is fictional, all resemblances, blah, blah, blah, are purely coincidental This is perhaps the most idiotic passage in the entire book I m supposed to believe that the fact that Mr Impossible has the same name as the actual author not to mention a pretty much identical biography is purely a coincidence And the fact that Mr Impossible s co author has the same exact name as the actual author s co author is also just a crazy bit of happenstance Sorry, not buying it So what is this story Is it biography marketed as fiction Not likely since the huge bestseller in the story doesn t exist Is this one man s story of how he wishes his life had gone Maybe it s a mixture of fact and fiction.
And if that s the case, I have this to say Mr Wacaster, I am truly happy for you and your drama baby You truly deserve each other I hope you re still happy That said, it s painfully clear why you had to go the self publishing route in telling your story To be honest, you should have stuck with one copy.
A Writer s Love Story Robert E Wacaster 2009 Golden Paradise Publishing 259 pages.
A Writer s Love Story tells the story of how best selling author Robert Wacaster meets Katie Benson, the executive assistance of Wacaster s editor, and sweeps her off her feet Unfortunately, Robert is only in New York City for business, and eventually must separate himself from Katie to return to California Their long distance relationship must stand the test of real love.
I am still unsure at this point if this contemporary romance novel is meant to be fiction or a biography about Robert Wacaster, especially since both the author and his main character share the exact same name This fact alone made it difficult for me as a reader to enjoy the magic of its romantic and fictional elements.
I also could not conjure up any true chemistry between Robert and Katie aside from their given dialogue To be broughtinto the world of the characters, it would have been essential to readdescriptions and inner monologues for example, Katie exclaims several times throughout the book that Robert is handsome, but why does she think so Robert spends lots of money on material items for Katie and her sister Jill to be nice and to help, but why is this enough of a trigger for falling in love Readers aren t entirely privy to inside details, which makes it hard to relate to the situation and become part of their world I believe Robert and Katie s relationship would bebelievable and less superficial if there werecontent surrounding their dialogue While the dialogue is great and funny at times, it cannot stand alone to make A Writer s Love Story really shine Despite my removed feelings toward A Writer s Love Story, I would love to read Wacaster s other works, specifically Adventures in Casino Security.
Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the author in return for a book review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.