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[Roger Stern] Ì The Death and Life of Superman [womens-rights PDF] Read Online Ö This is a novelization of one of the most epic stories in the DC Universe The graphic novels were amazing, but this book gives detailed insight into the lives of the people most affected by the death of, arguably, the greatest hero of all time Sometimes, the dialogue got quite comic y, but I appreciated it anyway, considering that it was written over two decades ago Fans of classic Superman should not miss out on this.
I have ambivalent feelings concerning The Death and Life of Superman I very much enjoyed many things Doomsday, the build up to the appearance of the pseudo Supermen, and the return of the Hero that cannot be slain in either body or spirit were all absolutely fantastic It was great to see the world miss Superman so earnestly, though I wished the author would have conveyed the mourning in a brusquer manner Regardless, the extravagant amount of time spent showing the reader how much the world loved Superman really paid off when his imitators began arising from the ashes of the world in need I think this was the strong point of the book as we saw that the world loved Superman so much that collectively, the world refused to accept his death There was an ecumenical attitude saying, if our Superman has been vanquished, we will continue in his spirit To see that spirit of benevolence and compassion live on in mankind because of the effect Superman had on the world s disposition was the most enjoyable concept That being said, I disliked the writing style, the vocabulary, the speed of the novel, and 80% of the characters The Justice League truly sounded like a complete joke from the very start Superman s loved ones Lois, his Parents, Lana, Jimmy are all generic, dull, and absolutely trite characters I could not stand a moment concerning any of them In addition, the book really did read like a comic book Everything was said in the most straightforward way possible That s fine, but because of this, there was really no opportunity for interesting literature I found the writing bland and long winded, overstuffed with generic good VS evil scenarios.
In conclusion though, I feel like the book was worth the time it took to read Now I know why Superman is a badass, and I think a lot of people probably overlook this It s not because of his super strength or his heat vision It s because of his superlative integrity, and how the world loved him so that they refused to let him perish Lame but true Wow, this one really surprised me I must first confess to not being a huge Superman fan I don t dislike him so much as simply tend to prefer superheroes that are human like and use brains and gadgets to become super Ironman, Batman, or, even better, the pulp heroes of yesteryear like Doc Savage are to my taste And the Hulk Can t help but love Hulk But Superman nearly indestructible tends to be boring for me I also remember back in 1992 when the announcement came that DC Comics was going to kill off Superman So, maybe not so indestructible after all This book is the novelization of that storyline as told in the actual comic books and, surprisingly at least for me is quite good It s told in three acts, Doomsday, Funeral for a Friend, and Reign of the Supermen , each addressing major events of the story arc You don t have to be a comic book aficionado to appreciate it.
I was worried at the beginning of the book because, by necessity, there were a lot of info dumps Many characters are introduced including the entire newer version of the Justice League, many of whom are not common household names for readers Not being much of a follower of the DC Comics universes myself, I found myself frequently consulting internet sources to see how these people all fit together That s actually a good sign for me because when I started reading I did not expect to become so vested in the characters The info dumps were handled pretty well for the most part, in the sense that most were done via short flashback sequences For example, Superman would be flying along and see a particular building and flashback to the time he first met Jimmy Olsen It seemed like there were a few too many of those flashbacks but now, looking back at the entire novel, I can see their importance because every one of those characters played important roles in later events and at least I knew them.
Happily, this book read like a novel, not like a pieced together word version of a series of comic books It had pretty good characterization, a complex plot, and plenty of action mixed in with well written drama I m glad I read it.
Lois 3 HELLLLOOOOOOO, ITS SUPERMANNNNNNNN i loved this book, i loved it so much i re read it again and again and again Can you tell i love Superman anyone who loves the man of steel should read this.

First let me say that my husband talked me into reading this book I generally do not enjoy superhero fantasy novels I ve never been a reader of comic books, and other than film adaptations, my prior knowledge of Superman was practically nil The story begins with a brief background of Superman, including his arrival on Earth, his life, loves, and death at the hands of Doomsday The majority of the book focuses on the time after his death, where several imposters try to take his place Who are the imposters, and are they really imposters Did Superman really die These are all questions answered in the action filled plot While mildly entertaining, the writing was downright cheesy and amateurish The dialogue was terrible It was unrealistic, full of stereotypes, and felt very dated, not to mention the cringe worthiness of the many one liners For being easy reading, it took me awhile to get through this it just couldn t maintain my interest When I do choose to read a fantasy book, I want the story to feel real, like it could really happen, but this novel did not accomplish that for me.
I want to emphasize that this is not bad but it did take me months to read I think it s a great adaption of the comic arc but the dialogue was outdated and overall felt dry because I was bored reading non Clark or Lois stuff I did not care for every single character s POV I enjoyed reading Lois s and wish the story was solely from her POV instead I would eagerly read through her parts and felt the story dragging when it was other POVs Superman s would have been enjoyable too but his dialogue almost always ended with exclamation points and I found that was annoying this did not take away from his characterization, only the reoccurrence of the punctuation became annoying Still, I was glad to read the arc as a novelization because it was easier than reading comic panels for such a massive story I would definitely recommend the book but be aware that it was written in the 90s MILD SPOILERS FOR TOWARDS THE END I m changing my original 2 star rating to 3 stars because while reading the Lois and Clark reunion conversation, I had to pause for my excitement to wear down because it is sooooooo good and exactly what I needed the entire time I have not finished reading yet but my feelings on the book have changed because of the scene Batman No Man s Land was a better read for me because there were characters that I cared about so the continuous change in POV didn t bother me.
I liked this well enough, but it was pretty dry at times I can see how it works as a comic, since so much of it is visual, but in novel form it felt off comicy dialogue, too many expository flashbacks, a lot of Suddenly prose moments, etc That being said, it s still a great story, and an iconical arc in the DC timeline Stern does a great job filling everyone in on who the players are, even the arcane ones like Guardian, Bibbo and the Newsboy Legion His lengthy fight scene between Superman and Doomsday was probably the best part of the book But, unlike Greg Rucka s Batman No Man s Land novel, which I found entertaining than the comics, I d say only read this if you don t have time to read the plethora of comics that make up the Death of Superman arc I commend Stern for being able to seamlessly squeeze a couple years worth of comics into 450 pages, and he s a good writer, but I think, ultimately, it s better in comic form.
I remember reading this sometime in high school and really enjoying it I never got the actual comics though I really don t know where my copy is now but I am quite sure it should be in storage somewhere.
Superman Dead The Daily Planet On November News Of Superman S Death Shocked The World As The Legendary Man Of Steel Was Killed Defending Metropolis From The Monster Called Doomsday Here At Last Is The Dramatic Story Behind The Best Selling Comic Book Of All Time The Fates Of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Ma And Pa Kent, The Justice League, And The Reign Of The Four Super Beings Who Mysteriously Appeared After Superman S Funeral, Each Claiming To Be The Real Last Son Of Krypton And Finally, Here Is The Complete Incredible Story Of Superman S Triumphant Retum In This Thrilling Novel, Roger Stern, A Veteran Writer Of Action Comics, Chronicles The Most Amazing Comeback In Comic Book History Told With Gripping Detail And Background Than Ever Before