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[Greg Rucka] ☆ Batman: No Man's Land [golden-age-mystery PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ In Batman No Man s Land, Greg Rucka tells the story of Gotham a ruined city filled with limitless crime and a earthquake which obliterated the city Now the US Government has decided to break all connections with Gotham and has abandoned it, leaving the citizens of Gotham to defend and look after itself Now characters like Commisioner James Gordon must try to bring law and order to the streets of Gotham But the task proves to be difficult as high profile criminals like the Joker, Two Face Harvey Dent, Bane, Harley Quinn and ordinary criminals and thugs are loose on the streets of Gotham Not only that but Gotham s hero, the Dark Knight aka Batman is nowhere to be seen What will happen to the streets of Gotham As the story continues, we slowly discover and about the characters themselves The author does a great job using the third person omniscient point of view Due to this we learn about the characters and discover some secrets Greg Rucka also does an excellent job with the description of characters and scenes His description is extremely vivid and detailed almost to the point that a reader feels like he she is living it Batman is proof of Greg Rucka s vivid imagery Batman is a character who is revered on the streets of Gotham He is a criminal s worst nightmare and is extremely intelligent He puts fear into the hearts of the criminals and yet at the same time struggles to keep a dual identity as Bruce Wayne He has also sworn to protect the innocent while at the same time seeking justice but not vengeance This book is filled with mystery and suspense There are so many clues and pieces of the puzzle that the reader has to take the time to think about it in order to figure out what will happen, which is good thing I applaud the author for the creativity It makes the book much unique There are many themes to this But the important theme is the classic concept of Good Vs Evil In the book there are good characters like Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon and his police and there are villains like Lex Luthor, Joker, Two Face, Bane and the Penguin and while the villains have their own evil agenda, the heroes are trying to prevent it.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads I really loved the character of Batman and i loved the way the author wrote him It just made me like Batman even I also liked the way the author described things in the book His vivid imagery was marvelous I would recommend this book to people who love superheroes like me or to readers that like action, suspense, and mystery Batman No Man s Land is a great book and i suggest everyone to read it I was pleasantly surprised how well written this novelization of the Graphic Novel Batman No Man s Land Greg Rucca does incredible work on characterizations on Jim Gordon, The Huntress, Batman, and Oracle, really adding some depth to the characters The novelization does a good job of catching you up on all the milestones in DC the at the time, Batman had his back broken in Knightfall at the hands of Bane, In the Killing Joke Joker tries to make Jim Gordon a good man go insane with Joker shooting his daughter Barbra Gordon who is Batgirl in the back crippling her, and she now goes by the Oracle and keeps watch over Gotham from the clock tower, Dick Grayson original Robin now goes by the name of Nightwing and other small bits it keeps you up to date on I m a little bit then a casual fan but it did a great job of up dating me of events I might have forgotten This Novel was written almost 20 years ago and still holds up really well My reason for checking this story out is it is the background for the current storyline on Fox s Gotham TV show and was used for the movie The Dark Knight Rises, the novel is way different but the situation is the same.
The Plot After a massive earthquake hits Gotham ruining water and power and knocking a bridge out, the government gives the city of Gotham a cutoff where the city will be cut off from the federal government of the US and be known as No Man s Land a could deal of people stay behind with little effort from the government to remove them, the rest of the bridges are blown for Safety, which keep the people on the island of Gotham think Manhattan Jim Gordon, his wife also with the police , and a handful of his police officers stay to give aid, of the officer s in the Batman cannon most notable are Montoya and Bullock Batman has not been seen or heard, Bruce Wayne Batman s alter ego has been fighting diplomatically for months to get government aid, this is a big catalyst for a fractured Jim Gordon and Batman relationship All the Arkham Asylum patients are released as a humanitarian effort, which leads to them creating gangs and marking off territory of Gotham The Police with Gordon have a small chunk, but have to deal with the gangs in Batman s absence There s a mysterious figure taking up the Batman mantel a mysterious woman that s there to try to keep the name a live but is she a friend or a foe The oracle survives in the clock tower with a string of spies who report to her to she can keep track of all that goes on in Gotham Both Robin and Nightwing were told to keep away, and have done so with his blessing as they deal with the resident that have left Gotham and live over capacity in the new town Jim Gordon struggles with leadership and not much weapons makes tough decisions that lead in death and defection as he makes alliances with criminal s to survive while Batman is gone Will this destroy the character of Jim Gordon or can he hold out until Batman gets back What I Liked Amazing characterization, there s a scene where Oracle see s the the new batgirl save the day for the first time since her accident, and goes a little crazy aiming the gun at her wanting the new batgirl to feel the same pain The scene where Joker meets and talks to the new batgirl The scene where Jim Gordon makes a plan that he knows will get people kill and to punish himself listen to the aftermath of every gun fire and scream The scene where Jim Gordon and Batman have it out and Gordon tells Batman that he can t get hired anywhere else because he needs a vigilante to do the job, there s a couple scenes that are just great Really great stuff with the Huntress s character and her need to kill The new Character of Cassandra the mite who s a spy for Oracle has a cool background story and some neat reveals in the book The Writing of the Oracle s journal that acts as the unofficial narrator, really worked, I had a little issues with how it started but it was really effective Really clever twist that I did not see coming.
What I Disliked The whole government plan to abandon Gotham was a little bit murky and could ve been explained way better I really disliked that in the Oracle s journal s on day one she reveals who batman is, Day one I know why they did it for the reader, but if I die here s somethings you need to know Dad, but day one No Man s land last a while and could have been relevant when Batman does come back I have a problem with how loose some character s are with secret identity Poison Ivy owns a big chunk of Gotham the park and she never gets dealt with I did not care for the Harley Quinn dialogue, it felt really forced Recommendations I put this up there with my favorite Batman stories, The Long Halloween, Knightfall, and The Court of Owls If you want to read a book that really adds to the mythos of Batman then this is the book Greg Rucka also did a fantastic job with his new 52 run on Wonder Woman which I would also recommend I rated Batman No Man s Land 4 out of 5 stars.
GOTHAM CITY A Dark, Twisted Reection Of Urban America Overcrowded, Overbuilt, And Overshadowed By A Continuous Air Of Menace, This Gothic Nightmare Is A Breeding Ground For The Depraved, The Indifferent, And The Criminally Insane It S Also The Object Of One Man S Obsession Witness To The Brutal Murder Of His Parents, Bruce Wayne Has Dedicated His Life To Protecting This City, Taking A Form To Inspire Hope In The Innocentand Fear In The Guilty He Is The Masked Vigilante Known As The Batman Now The Battlefield Has Changed Leveled By A Massive Earthquake That Left Thousands Dead And Millions Wounded, Gotham City Has Been Transformed Into A Lawless Wilderness A No Man S Land Where The Survivors Are Turning Against One Another, And Where The City S Protectors Are Torn By A Crisis That May Consume Them All Dark Atmospheric Chilling And that was just the ride home on the metro last night It was made all the creepy by this gem of a book, Batman No Man s Land.
I love it when the potential of a character is fulfilled and it has blossomed into what you knew it could be For too long Batman has been tainted with the shadow of Adam West s portrayal on the 60s tv show and then there were the campy movies of which only The Dark Night offered any redemption In this novel by Greg Rucka the reader is served up a veritable feast of a book that I never wanted to stop eating from From the back cover GOTHAM CITY a dark, twisted reflection of urban America Overcrowded, overbuilt, and overshadowed by a continuous air of menace, this gothic nightmare is a breeding ground for the depraved, the indifferent, and the criminally insane It s also the object of one man s obsession Witness to the brutal murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne has dedicated his life to protecting this city, taking a form to inspire hope in the innocentand fear in the guilty He is the masked vigilante known as the Batman.
Now the battlefield has changed Leveled by a massive earthquake that left thousands dead and millions wounded, Gotham City has been transformed into a lawless wilderness a No Man s Land where the survivors are turning against one another, and where the city s protectors are torn by a crisis that may consume them all At 468 word crammed, suspense filled, action packed pages No Man s Land is a fairly long read that never once feels like it is dragging In that sense it needs to be such as Batman himself doesn t appear in the story until about 80 or so pages into the book In lesser skilled hands that premise could have been the kiss of death for this novel but as is mentioned on the back cover of the book this is a storytelling masterpiece Filled with an array of supporting characters, such as Oracle, Nightwing, Two Face and The Joker, each of whom are an integral part of the story this book should carry a health warning as it will have you reading through the pages so fast the friction of all that fast page turning might leave burn marks on your fingers.
If you ve ever had any interest in Batman and want a book that is catered to an adult market then you would be a fool to miss this novel It s an absolute gem that should be required reading for all fiction lovers.
As a chronic Batman fan this book is amazing Greg Rucka is well known for his contributions to many comic book series over the years, but a full novel of this epic nature is a read and re read kind of book for a true fan Enter the world of Gotham City on the eve of its exile and follow it through to its reinstatement Gotham finds itself being cast off from the rest of the United States, bridges are blown and Arkham asylums doors are opened Few are willing to stay to defend the lives they ve built here, but Jim Gordon and the GCPD, as well as Barbara Gordon as Oracle have stayed behind to keep what is theirs and hopefully reign in the usual suspects Expect appearances from Joker, Harleen Quinzel Harley Quinn, Bane, Penguin and even Lex Luthor The question is, can the city survive without Batman and where is he Batman No Man s Land is by far one of the best things Greg Rucka has written it shows he s got talent then just for writing comics.
Judging from a glance at other reviews of this book, my reaction was similar to that of a lot of other people I did t think I d like this book as much as I did.
To be honest, I had many doubts regarding the novelization of a comic book I ve been reading Batman comics for over a year now and what I lack in terms of time I surely made up in volume , and I admit I doubted that could translate into the novel format If it hadn t been for the recommendation of a friend, I wouldn t have picked it up, but I m very glad I did Greg Rucka does a great job of telling the most important stories that happened in the comic books Like in the comics, there are several points of view, some effective than others Oracle s POV, for example, was immediately convincing, as was the GCPD s Two Face, too, was captured very well And Cassandra I had my problems with the Joker, but I admit I have no idea how to do it better I think because of his utter irrationality, it s hard to write from his perspective in comics, you can focus on pictures and dialogues to convey this, but in this format it s not easy Still, it wasn t unconvincing, either and his actions were very Joker esque and chilling and horrifying as always.
What surprised me most was Batman Considering it s a Batman book it does take him a long time to show up it s the same in the comics, though, and the man does have his reasons , but when he does now, the thing is I love Batman As in love love love And I always get this well, there are always moments in every Batman story where my heart just hurts for him, because of who and how and what he is It was even worse here, because even though it s still just glimpses into his soul, it was different reading about it in this format It touched me deeply, and there were some aspects revealed that I hadn t thought about before So that was great.
So, yes, I can recommend reading this It should be okay to read even if you don t know much about the comics and I think it d be a good enough introduction to the world of Batman for people who don t like comics I know such a person.
In the book Batman No Man s Land by Greg Rucka, Gotham city, batman has sworn to protect, is destroyed by a earthquake and is cut of from the United States With batman no where to be seen, the citizens of Gotham have to fight for survival and wait for their savior This book is very good It is written well, and the characters are interesting and fun to read about The message of the story is to always have hope in the worst of situations.

This will go under my Favorite Superhero books list, for sure It s the best superhero based book I ve read, and I ve read quite a few over the years There s just something special about author s voices in the 90s and early 2000s Especially authors who wrote for Star Wars and DC and other huge entertainment moguls I always seem to enjoy books written during that time period I will say, the ending felt extremely rushed and a little too neat, especially for a Batman story However, the rest of the book was so entertaining and intense I can easily forgive a rushed ending If you enjoy Batman, I definitely recommend picking this one up You won t be disappointed.
After my good experience while reading Knightfall you can read the review of that one here Knightfall, I was sure that I will enjoy to read this other storyline of Batman titled No Man s Land My only regret is not being able to get it on Hardcover edition, since I have Knightfall in that presentation, it could be great to get that one in hardcover too However I wasn t aware of the publishing of this novelization and when I found out, the edition that I found then it was the softcover edition Maybe later I could try to get it in that form but it wasn t just the same since I already read the book Anyway, I m glad of buying it, since the same as with Knighfall , the event of No Man s Land implied a lot of comics related to Batman, so completing this event on single issues and or TPBs could be expensive, while in the prose novel format, it was incredible cheap and I was able to enjoy and to know the event Certainly this storyline is a good one too, and while in Knightfall many of the book is centered on Batman, Bane and Azrael On No Man s Land you have a lot of character developing in the chapters I was amazed of how good they presented Harvey Dent Two Face, not only you really feel two personalities inside of one body, and not only that but also, Greg Rucka, the writer commisioned to make the novelization of the storyline, was able to make Dent a really likeable character I am not saying that he made a good person, he is still a psychopatic criminal but Rucka gave him a lot of depth to that character And as I say, you have a lot of developing of characters in this novel since No Man s Land indeed is a place where nobody is in command, not of everything, so you are able to read how each main character is controlling and managing their self appointed zones Highly recommended.
An enjoyable story overall, though an excess of profanity marred things a bit.